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Illegal Mages[edit]

For all purposes, warlocks, sorcerers, wizards, psions, wilders, and any wielder of incarnum is considered a mage or arcanists. Psychic warriors, clerics, and druids aren't considered mages but are mentioned at the bottom of the page.

What It Takes[edit]

To become an illegal mage in the Island of Ilyon, a character or non-player character has not been certified by the any of the Guilds or any of the major Factions. If the magic users in knowingly avoiding the tests, held at the time of the giulds choosing, then they are apt to be hunted by the Miheathean Hunters, a troop of loyal mageslayers, and taken in for questioning, and forced to comply with the rules laid down by the Factions and Guilds. They are often branded with a Faction Mark, and item that forcibly makes the wearer unable to cast restricted spells.

Divine Casters and Other[edit]

Psychic warriors, clerics, and druids are not required to have a Faction Mark, but clerics are likely to have one, because the purchase of religious symbol normally requires a user to present a Faction Mark at the place of the dealer. This is so there are not any false preachers out and wandering the world. Paladins are also likely to have them, even if just to show their loyalty to the church.

Druids are hardly ever found with them, seeing as they channel the the sheer power of nature and rarely require symbols to their god. Some druids still wish to get them, so they can show their allegiance to a faction thats' motives include forwarding their cause, and empowering nature.

Psychic warriors often get the Faction Mark show their allegiance, and to just get that cool prison-hardened vibe that brands-to-the-flesh that normally give off.

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