Ignited and Soaked Conditions (5e Variant Rule)

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This variant rule is used to supplement existing conditions with the two conditions below. Unlike most conditions, an object can become ignited or soaked as well as a creature.

Any DM using this variant rule is encouraged to have fiery spells and effects cause the ignited condition, and water spells and effects cause the soaked condition. Homebrew spells may invoke these conditions as well.

As a general rule, any effect which ignites or soaks certain fragile objects, like parchment, would immediately destroy the objects beyond repair.


Any object or creature that resists fire damage or has no flammable parts cannot be ignited.

  • At the end of each of its turns, an ignited creature takes 1d6 fire damage (or more as specified by the DM, or what effect caused the condition).
  • This condition ends if the ignited creature uses an action to end it, if an adjacent creature uses such an action, if the target becomes soaked, or if the target takes cold damage. The DM may judge the fire can be extinguished by other means.


It can be assumed that any object or creature submerged in water would be soaked upon emerging from it. Creatures sensitive to water may be vulnerable to any damage which causes the soaked condition, subject to DM discretion.

  • If the target takes acid or fire damage, it takes 1 less damage for each die rolled. (E.g., if subjected to a 3rd-level fireball, the target takes 8d6 - 8 damage.) This adjustment comes before damage resistance.
  • If the target takes cold or lightning damage, it takes 1 extra damage for each die rolled. (E.g., if subjected to ray of frost from a 5th-level wizard, the target takes 2d8 + 2 damage.) This adjustment comes before damage resistance.
  • If the target would be ignited, both conditions end abruptly.
  • The soaked condition ends after 1 minute. The DM may judge that some effects, such as the prestidigitation spell, can dry the target faster.
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