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An Idea is a shadow of a thought from a different universe: it does not exist. It can take on forms of creatures from the normal cosmos, and is very difficult to physicaly or magically destroy. Once recognized as a figment of imagination (Knowledge (The planes) DC 10+ECL), the disbeliever's attacks cannot be regained with fast healing. Once reduced to 0 hitpoints by a disbeliever, the Idea ceases to exist to that creature. The Idea cannot harm that creature, nor can the creaturd harm if. Thd Idea is stunned and turns invisible for 5 rounds after being reduced to 0HP, but retains its abilities. An Idea can only be slain by a save-or-die or if someone banishes it. An Idea can return from banishment after an encounter is over, or 7 minutes has passed, whichdver is longer.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -- Strength, -- Con. An idea is incorporeal and isn't really alive
  • An ideas base stats are all 10, except for strength and constitution which are --.
  • Outsider (Shapechanger) (Incorporeal)
  • A knowledge the planes check DC ECL, or 10, whicheber is higher, disbelieves.
  • Size, movement modes, special abilities, SLA's, and PLA's depend on current form. If no size is selected, the Idea is medium.
  • An Idea has 1d10 HD per 10 levels it has.
  • Regeneration as an extraordinary ability, bypassed by being a beleiver
  • Nonbeliever spells, except for save-or-dies have no effect on Ideas. Beleivers can banish Ideas.
  • Energy damage from non-spell sources deals 1/2 damage.
  • An Idea gains one size, move mode, special ability, SLA, PLA, or extrodinary ability per class level. It can only have 1 Extrodinary ability, one size, one Su ability, one set of PLAs and one set of SLA. Once this limit is reached, an Idea can only gain movement modes
  • Air Walk (Su): All ideas can ride through the air as well as on the ground, as though affected by a permanent air walk spell.
  • Automatic Languages: All languages spoken by the forms it has borrowed traits from, and common. It does not gain bonus languages.
  • Once reduced to 0 hitpoints by a disbeliver, the Idea is banished and can return after 7 days have passed or it is resurrected
  • Favored Class: None
  • Level Adjustment: +10

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