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This is a title, not a prestige class or anything. It is just a useful term for refering to really powerful NPCs in your world.


An NPC which is the embodiment of its Class, or race. The Elf Iconomaster is the most powerful and elfish elf NPC imaginable, for example. A Paladin iconomaster is the Ultimate Paladin NPC. Only one iconomaster can exist of a single thing. Class iconomasters cannot multiclass or use prestige classes, racial ones have to. (They must embody the highest level of power that race can achieve, meaning multiple classes.)

An Iconomaster is always Epic.

There are also Iconomaster items, usually artifacts, which embody the highest item of their type that can exist.


  • The NPC iconomaster: The overarching villian of everyone's campaign... the horrible evil villian of villianousness... give it up for....
  • The PC iconomaster: Image the most powerful character in existence you would actually want to play. Yup. It's this guy.
    • Lord Gary of Gygax
  • The Ability Iconomasters: Simple. These guys have ability scores of 10 on everything... except one stat at 90. They have classes, mainly to fluant their already considerable talent in extra ways. After many years, they have abandoned their original names, taking more simple ones instead.
    • General Strength
    • Mr. Dexterity
    • Sir Constitution
    • Dr. Intelligence
    • Master Wisdom
    • Lord Charisma
  • The Racial Iconomasters: They have every ability a member of this race should have. Prestige Classes, multiclassing, you name it. They may even have a few DM invented tricks.
    • Elfking Aëlás (DnD NPC)(Elf)
    • Optimus Maximus (Warforged)
    • Szuzuk Khubotai (Half-Elf)
    • Arnold Rhodolfus (Human)
    • Sneezy Gobbledegook (gnome)
    • Dietrich Pocketpinch (Halfling)
    • Beklir Berkronikal (Dwarf)
    • Growlir Grulir (Half-Orc)
  • The Class Iconomsaters: level 30 member of their class. no multiclassing.
    • Empress Shineworth (Paladin)
    • Mumford the Mage (Wizard)
    • Cornan (Barbarian)
    • Sylvester Trickulio (Rogue)
    • Forrest Darwin (Druid)
    • Singular (Bard)
    • John Smith (Commoner)
    • Kai Koblhu (Cleric)
    • Jonathon Kiai (Monk)
    • Snogg Boggin (Fighter)
    • Mr. Madnificent (Sorceror)
    • Robbing Cape (Ranger)

It is thought that there was once a second fighter iconomaster, but he has disappeared long ago.

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