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Hunter of the Undead[edit]

I'm coming. Even undeath cannot protect you from me.
—Varden Silvermoon, Elven Hunter of the Dead

Hunters of the Undead are survivors of attacks from undead creatures. They have fought the undead and live to tell of it. They have changes the direction of their lives to seek out and destroy undead creatures. Because of their hatred of these creatures and their experience with them, they have developed skills and abilities that aid them in their quest. Once a Hunter discovers an undead creature, he will seek to destroy it and will not turn aside any call for help against an undead creature.

Hunters of the Undead have special supernatural abilities at their disposal to use against undead creatures.

Becoming a Hunter of the Undead[edit]

Characters typically pursue this class because of horrible encounters with undead creatures and the hate that living through an encounter leaves behind towards them. Fighters, Rangers and Rouges typically follow this path after several encounters with undead. Clerics will sometimes follow this path to aid them in their quest to vanquish evil.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any
Base Attack Bonus: +5.
Patron: Torm, Tyr and Llathander.
Special: Before becoming a Hunter of the Undead, the character must have suffered the loss of a complete level or had his/her constitution drained at least four points in a single encounter.
Table: The Hunter of the Undead

Hit Die: d12. .

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1/+2vs. undead +2 +2 +1 Spring Attack, Hide from Undead, Holy Protection, Feat.
2nd +2/+3vs undead +3 +3 +2 Divine Health, Darkvision, Bonus Feat.
3rd +3/+4vsundead +4 +4 +3 Necropotent (+3 dmg. To undead), Bonus Feat
4th +4/+5vs.undead +5 +5 +4 Smite Undead 3/day, Bonus Feat.
5th +5/+6vs.undead +6 +5 +4 Mind Shield, Bonus feat
6th +6/+7vs.undead +6 +5 +5 Disruption/Ghost Touch Weapon 3/day, Bonus Feat
7th +7/+8vs.undead +7 +7 +6 Taunt Undead, Bonus Feat
8th +8/+9vs.undead +8 +7 +7 Bonus Feat
9th +9/+10vs.undead +9 +8 +8 Track Undead, Bonus Feat.
10th +10/+11vs.undead +10 +9 +8 Attack the Shadow, Vampiric Immunity, Bonus Feat

Class Skills ( + Int modifier per level)
A Hunter gains skills as the Ranger class does.

Class Features[edit]

Hunters of the Undead are granted powers by their church that are specifically for this class, such as higher saves and a better B.A.B. against such creatures. The Hunter of the Undead is required to accept specific church missions from time to time. All of the following are class features of the Hunter of the Undead

The Hunter of the Undead gets several powerful abilities from the moment he takes his vow and begins down this path. His alignment will change to good once he takes his vows and he will never turn away from hunting down an undead creature.

A Hunter of the Undead carries with him the tools of his trade and therefore he must have ten silver stakes, a silvered weapon, ten vials of holy water and the holy symbol of his deity. He carries the symbol to show his loyalty and devotion. He cannot ever turn or rebuke undead or smite anything but an undead creature. His focus and hatred of the undead is too intense for him to channel energy or use spells.

Spring Attack: He also gains the feat Spring attack, even if he does not meet the pre-requisites. This ability helps him to attack and evade Undead creatures,like a rangers Guerilla feat. His high saves are a part of his new class that afford him resistances to other undead attacks and his level of feats helps him gain attacks specifically to help him combat the undead.

Holy Protection: The Hunter gains Holy Protection. This keeps the Hunter from being level drained and ability drained due to already having been drained and building a supernatural defense against such attacks. He gains this at level one when he takes his vows.

Divine Health: He obtains the Divine Health ability at level. This is the same as the ability of a Paladin and make the Hunter immune to all disease natural or magical.

Darkvision: He gains Darkvision to better help him hunt undead in places like crypts and catacombs so that he does not need light to guide his way.

Smite Undead: He gains the ability to smite undead 3 times a day and that is all that he will ever gain with the smiting ability.

Mind Shield: At level five he gains the feat Mind Shield to help protect him from the mind-controlling spells of liches and balenorns and can no longer be charmed, even magically.

Disruption/Ghost Touch Weapon: He can, upon reaching level six, he use Disruption Weapon and Ghost Touch both as level 6 on any weapon, magical or non-magical, he is holding, a set number of times a day. This is a supernatural ability that does not affect the weapon but rather the hunter.

Taunt Undead: He can Taunt Undead,drawing them away from allies. The effect is an area effect of fifty feet. The save is a DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHA. mod.

Track Undead: He also gains Track Undead. This allows him to see any signs of the presence of undead even tracks left by incorporeal creatures, sensing traces of shadows rather than tracks. Base Attack bonus for multiple attacks per round same as Fighter/Ranger.

Attack the Shadow: At level 10 he gains the ability Attack the Shadow. This allows the Hunter to attack shadows and shades as if they were corporeal. All of his feats must be used to either protect him from or aid him in the destruction of undead creatures. Once he reaches level 10, the Hunter of the Undead must return to his church for confirmation of his level and deeds and his Deities boon (DM choice: special weapon, armor, ability) before he can advance in another class. This is done in a journal that is kept so that the Hunters experiences' can be read by younger or new Undead Hunters.

Vampiric Immunity: At level 10 he gains the supernatural ability to withstand the horrible turning that the bite of a vampire causes.

Ex-Hunters of the Undead[edit]

Should a Hunter fall from the graces of his church, he retains all aquired abilities and skills but cannot move forward in this class. Because he falls from the graces of his church, he is typically ordered to the church for punishment or an order for his death is put out since it is usually a terrible act against the church for a Hunter to fall from the church.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Hunter of the Undead[edit]

Combat: Frontline Fighter. First always against Undead. He will also defend any cleric against undead, even moreso if the cleric is of his/her church. He is usually assigned to a cleric until he complete his journey upon this path. When he completes his path at level 10, he must be confirmed by his church, much the same way a student is confirmed into priesthood. After this time, he still works with other clerics, but is not held to the requirements or directions of his assigned cleric. For example, when he is assigned, the cleric may command him to wait until she channels energy. After he is confirmed, he no longer has to wait for her to do so. He may attack as he wishes.

Resources: Often, several Hunters are assigned to a task for the church. They work together well and often a retiring Hunter will look favorably upon a younger Hunter and make a gift of a powerful weapon or artifact to help battle undead. The church will also offer help if the Hunter is on a church assigned mission. Should a Hunter find an artifact that may prove desirable to the church he is compelled to turn it over for it's use; often he recieves remuneration for his effort.

Hunters of the Undead in the World[edit]

Hunters of the Undead are often sought out for specialized missions fraught with undead creatures, often paid well for such services. Some rulers keep them in their employ or as members of their military forces. Hunters are quiet and often join groups for the travel and access to dungeons and kinship. They report to their church as often as they can, and report any activity that might be a serious problem to their church. Once a Hunter reaches level 10 he can only take the fighter class or the rogue class due to the restrictions of his classes restrictions on spell casting and energy channeling. Many follow the path of the rogue because the skills of that class help the in their pursuit of undead by allowing them to access locks,disarm traps and gather information.

"Didn't like dying the first time? You really aren't going to like it this time around."

Hunter of the Undead Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in can research to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 .
16 .
21 .
26 .

Hunters of the Undead in the Game[edit]

Hunters of the Undead are often in the company of a cleric to act as a supporter to her channeling powers and to protect her should the need arise. While not every cleric has a Hunter with them, usually, when a Hunter is found, he/she is in the company of a cleric or another divine class.


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