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Earth is a blue and green planet orbiting in eternal night around the cursed sun. Half of the world is dark and the other half is hit with daylight creating an illusion that the universe is bright but it isn't.

All of the billions of humans dying every second become a ghost. Ghosts are not restrained by Earths gravity and so are propelled out to space. Ghosts are then attracted by the gravity of dead planets. When the planets are in alignment the dead can return to live on Earth.

When this happened to mankind for the first time the Earth was overpopulated with zombies and other undead making life impossible.

Then thousands years ago a ghost calling himself The Grim Reaper stayed at Earth to cull the ghosts from Earth that didn't leave and to make sure Ghosts passed on and didn't interfere with the living.

The Reaper trained to aid his task, 13 mortal ghost hunters. The harvesters, who betrayed the Reaper in their quest for immortality.

They crucified the Reaper on a cross within a sealed camber in the core of a hell. A Demon ruling this hell, the Devil Of Death arrived to take over the Reapers title and claiming all of Earths souls.

The harvesters found a way to stay on Earth forever as animated corpses by devouring the life energies of the living.

Stealing the secrets of death,they created the art of necromancy and formed black cults that will pest the Earth to its last days. No longer ghost hunters, the harvesters sought to become gods through the black magic of necromancy. Being immortals, they have gathered secrets through the millenniums and they trade souls to demons.

A repentant harvester had a pang of conscience and trained a new generation of harvesters, giving them the task once given to him.

In 1930 a old comet arrived passing Earth, as it did so Earths gravity no longer repelled Ghosts.

An army of space ships with aliens and ghosts are ready to invade Earth and enslave the living.

There are other dangers however and they are on Earth.

Living humans that are trained with being reborn wraiths possessed their mothers. A race of risen zombies that cannibalize their living counterparts to remain on earth.

An undead demon has come to Earth seeking to take over the Grim Reapers Title. In so doing he turned zombies to vampires and possessed them with demonic evil which enhanced their powers.

The new vampire race was divided into high clans and low tribes. Each was possessed by a different aspect of the devil of death.

In the 14th century what is called the Vampire War started. Vampires rebelled against the devil worshipers that created them and and mutated. However without the demon the vampires quickly weakened and died. With a thought the demon turned them back to zombies or killed them.

The new vampires fled to the east where they learned to transform themselves and gain power from following strict religious codes and philosophies. They learned to drink soul energy called breath instead of eating normal food, or even sustain themselves from pure meditation. Through strict fundamentalist sects the vampires found a way to sustain themselves with another power source than the demon.

The Low Tribes[edit]

The Low Tribes, are the basic social unit in vampire society in The Hunger of Vampire Earth setting. The tribes are small families lead by one priest or elder that represents the Devil Of Death.

Spider Tribe

Spider form.Planners.

Bat Tribe

Bat form.

Serpent Tribe

Serpentine vampires.

Scorpion Tribe

Desert dwellers.

Fang Tribe

Food gatherers.

Cross tribe


Crow Tribe

Flesh eaters.

Serial Killers Tribe
Nightmare Tribe


The High Clans[edit]

The High Clans are the ruling organizations that direct the tribes. Each clan is an extended family of hereditary rulers and each clan consists of several tribes.

The Seraph Clan The Seraphs are half angel half vampires. They control Europe.

The Death Angels Clan. The Death Angels are the vampires that negotiate with humans. They control the American Continent.

Snowman Clan The snowmen are feral vampires with ice powers. They control Asia.

The Fatigue clan Africa.

The Black Plague Clan Middle east.

The Yellow Plague Clan Africa. The Genocide Clan. Russia.

Eastern Vampire Sects[edit]

Souls of Meditation

These vampires stay in holy chambers or isolated wilderness where they generate life energy by meditation. Only the most wise and oldest vampires can become a Soul of Meditation.

Air Vampires

Vampires that specialise eating soul energy called Breath instead of blood. A side effect is that the vampires only move by jumping.

Bone Vampires

These vampirs only eat the already dead.

Fire Vampires

These vampires replace their fangs with a fiery breath and they gain life force by burning the victims blood away.

Devil Vampires

half demon vampires that rebel against the Devil Of Death for their own purposes.

The Zombies

The Zombies are restless souls that remain on Earth by constantly devouring living flesh. They are mindless and infectious like a virus and they can turn both living and old corpses to zombies. Zombies can also generate anywhere where ghosts from outer space lands. metricate falls or Star Alignment's are other possibilities. As well as caves or any mystic or religious sanctuary. Places where aloft of people are dying or hurt such as hospitals or war zones also generates zombies.

Death Angels

The Death Angels are evil angels who exists in distant tranquility. They are the rivals to the Devil of Death for the throne of the late Grim Reaper. Arrogant,manipulative and cruel they have decided to rule Earth and terminate all life to create a paradise for themselves. In many ways they are the demons opposites as they are more subtle and innocent seeming. They detest mankind who they se as apes.

Death Demons

The terrible servants of the Devil of Death.



Zombie outbreak in Mexico Pyramids.


A second major outbreak in Mexico and a new one in Chile. Mayan and Inca zombies set themselves up as zombie gods. The second world war distracted the world and they didn't notice them.


About the end of WW2, 13 new stars appear and billions of zombies are generated from the concentration camps when the allies attempt to free the camp prisoners. The zombies swim over to the UK or walk in mass around Europe until they break. The Soviet are hunting down and putting zombies in concentration camps. The Allies manage to destroy the zombies. France and Britain create "Zombie states" and send all their zombies to Africa. Then leaving their colonies to liberation.


The European Allies form an anti-zombie Federation. France, Spain,U.K, Germany and Poland. joins. The rest remain neutral.


South American Zombies reach North America. The Zombie Civil War breaks out. USA beats the zombies and the generation lives to tell their grand children about it.


Now Zombie Soviet soldiers attack the Allies. The Allies mistake the zombies for an Russian Invasion and both sides launch Nuclear Weapons destroying New York, Washington DC, Moscow, Stalingrad, Kiev. The dead return as zombies. Vampires rebuild the major cities with zombie slaves. These become the capitols of a vampire world and government.

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