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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Death, Hunger, Gluttony
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

A creature supposedly as old as time itself, Hunger is the physical manifestation of it's name. Many believe that it's name came before the word. Hunger cannot be reasoned with, and rarely (if ever) acknowledges it's worshippers. Hunger exists only to fulfill it's purpose, to swallow all of creation.

Hunger resides in the far realms, or in any plane it has been granted access too. It devours all it sees, leaving nothing in its wake.

Accounts on the appearance of hunger vary, as there are no recorded survivors. Many Paladins and Clerics who have claimed to see the creature often describe it as a hideous gluttonous mass of mouths and flesh, while worshippers who have claimed to have been directly contacted have more varying claims. Some have described it to be handsome yet malnourished man, while others have described it to be a lean and beautiful woman, and some have even said that it bore the face of a loved one. All accounts agree that the creature begged to be fed.

There are some gods who refuse to acknowledge Hunger exists. There are others who believe that it is not a threat. But a small faction of gods believe that it is something inevitable, that must be prepared for and stopped when it arrives.

Many evil Lycanthropes, Vampires, and Cannibals worship hunger. Their reasons vary, but a surprisingly large amount cling to the belief that they will be transported to a paradise where they may feed without end should Hunger be allowed access into the world. Hunger is largely unaware of it's worshippers, wishing nothing more than to feed. If it does notice or contact these worshippers, it views them only as a means to an end.

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