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As long as there has been human beings, they have looked up to the gods for inspiration and when reality kicked in angst and suicidal desperation settled because they knew that there was no way mankind can live up to the standards set by the gods.


The Clergy are not spell casters, though the church cultivates such misunderstandings. They are spiritual leaders and controllers of religious rites, ceremonies and control monopoly on everything that influence the medieval mind. The clergy are asexual( paedophilia doesn't count, reject worldly possessions and sustain themselves on prayer and meditation and humble food of course. The Church seem themselves as the preservers of civilisation in a dark age of barbarism, when in fact they are the sole responsible for destroying civilisation and they benefit greatly from this dark age. “Personality”: The favoured personality, is meek, humble, forgiving and kind which means passive, conformist and submissive. To some degree all selected by the church seem to have these traits but for other reasons. They where either unwanted by the rest of society or because they where nervous because they intelligent than normal and thus very afraid of their fellow. Clergy from noble lines are usually slightly less humble and more energetic. Peasants breed clergy are usually humble but less meek. Clergy from Bourgeoisie are usually introvert and ponderous souls.

Making a Clergy[edit]

First, Select one other human caste. Teoryran uses the “non-standard point buy” system, DMG3.5, page:169. While character creation is ongoing, the character from the Clergy class starts with his stats as low as possible, with racial minus included and the receives 22 points to spread out.

Abilities: The most important ability is charisma, but theologicans are selected equally often from those with either high intelligence or wisdom scores.

“Creation Points”:22 Abilities: The most important ability is charisma.


The Clergy suffers creatly because of their celibacy, only reproduce by adopting
from the other castes. So they are not really a racial class in the sense the other castes are.
Clergy are however selected from individuals with certain stats.

The Church is basically a system that recruits, enslave and castrates societies most gifted members and when they are no longer needed they suddenly become heretics and witches burning on state.

This race is one of the five races of humans, in Kored kindom that creates the four castes and the outcasts


Alignment:' The clergy condemn all other religions, races and peoples while theirs is the only true religion. The essence is worship of death and worship of the feelings of submission and desperation of humanity for being incapable living up to Gods Absolute Morality that is totally opposed to human nature and worlds nature. Goodness and law only comes from their narrow God, is only for those with the same narrow religion because man cannot rule man and Outsiders have to be sacrificed and tortured and punished (out of love of course). only then can they be saved and cleansed from their sin. In the ancient times, mankind sacrificed human beings to the gods of goodness, in return for salvation and redemption for human evil. Then came the one true God changed the rules, so clergy only sacrifice saints and outsiders by crucifying them


Starting Gold: 2d6×10 gp ( average starting gold:70 gp). Bourgeoisie alone use money instead of serfs.

[[SRD:Race Descriptions#Starting Age|templates.

  • A clergy uses the table from its adopted class with the following changes.

#Adopted Class

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level) craft, knowledge, trade, negotiate, persuade, diplomacy,

Class Features[edit]

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: .

Skill Bonus Class Skills Bonus (4+ Int modifier per level,).

These points buys bonuses to his skills just in the way class skills are bought,
except they eventually can be stacked with future skills ranks
and then exceed class maximum.
The maximum of bonuses has to be same as for ranks of corresponding level.

Campaign Information[edit]

In Teoryan the church hunt and burn ´witches and heretics,
and make sure no believe in worldly wealth and health more than they worship God.


Playing a Clergy[edit]

Religion: There are two faction within the Church, the theologians and the rural both have equally valid grounds to brand each other heretics. The conflict has its root in that its impossible to combine reading scripture and thinking about dogmas with the blind faith of the simpler uneducated priests and their likewise minded flocks. The theologians read the scripture, define the religion, create dogma and establish tradition. The rural priests still believe in goblins, random superstitions and can’t read the scripture. One more aspect differs. The theologians do only conditionally support the King, the rural Priests alone worship the Monarchist system and make it possible. The rural can be accused of being wild barbarian pagans and the Theologians can be accused of forbidden knowledge and devil worship, both are true depending on perspective. Other Classes: Other classes that are not Bourgeoisie usually wants to rob or just kill them. If not they try to sell things to them or hide from them.

Combat: Bourgeoisie are rarely combatants, though some take mercenary levels,

Advancement: Bourgeoisie take levels in Bourgeoisie classes, craftsmen, traders and mercenary soldiers.

Bourgeoisie in the World[edit]

The sinews of War are infinite money !
—Alfred Rose, Bourgeoisie trader

Daily Life: Bourgeoisie live in the cities, where they earn their living of craft or trade. They see many exciting things, and meet many different people.

Notables: <-notable NPCs of this class->.

Organizations: Bourgeoisie either live in guilds or in some inn where they can rent semi-permanent apartments.

NPC Reactions: Most despite and misunderstand, the Bourgeoisie as he is a thread to the current feudal and religious order. Non-city dwellers are usually reacting unreasonable and are to xenophobic to negotiate about not burning the “thief”.

Bourgeoisie Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in knowledge(cities) can research Bourgeoisie to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
5 cites are filled with murderers and thieves
10 urbanites do not work with physical labour
15 urbanites use gold pieces to exchange gods, are they insane?
20 the urbanites are craftsmen and traders, they serve no king,

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