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Hourai immortal[edit]

This is an attempt to make a character transformation by using the Hourai Elixir from the touhou franchise. This elixir essentially makes one immortal, but a character that is unable to die should really not exist so there are limiters in place. The traits are inspired of Fujiwara no Mokou a character that drank the Hourai Elixir in the Touhou franchise.

Physical Description[edit]

Your physical appearance is based on the mortal race you where before you drank the Hourai elixir.

How to create a Hourai Immortal[edit]

This race is meant to be a transformation of an existing race. Making the Hourai immortal a sub race.
Pick a race for your character. Make your character drink the Hourai Elixir. And combine your old race's traits with the new ones bellow here.
You are an immortal made by drinking the legendary and forbidden elixir made by the god of eternity (Or rather pick a corresponding existing god/evil?good?character in your GM's world).

The Hourai Elixir[edit]

One sip makes you incapable of growing or aging.
A second sip makes you incapable of becoming ill.
The third taste makes you writhe in pain temporary as your soul immortalizes and makes you immortal in the truest sense.
Reportedly, the ingredients of the elixir remain in the liver of whomever drinks it. Eating the raw liver of an immortal is said to grant the same immortality as drinking the elixir, though it will not deprive one from their own because they have already been rendered deathless.

Hourai Immortality Traits[edit]

You are an immortal capable of dying and resurrecting on the spot. The price for this is quite heavy.
Ability Score Increase. Your strength and dexterity score decreases by 1 and your charisma score increases by 2. Your previous ability score increase from the race you started with is overwritten by this.
Age. Your body has stopped aging at the time you took the first sip of the elixir. You appear to be at that age when you drank it.
Alignment. your alignment is unchanged. "unless of course the third taste of the elixir was too much to bear"
Size. your size is unchanged.
Speed. Your base walking speed is unchanged.
Hit dice rolls after level 1 modifier. Your hit dice rolls are halved (rounded up) after first level. "meaning you gain only half as much max hit points per level from classes and short rests heals for half of your normal hit dice. After Level 1."

Regeneration. In combat you regenerate hit points at the start of your turn equal to your proficiency bonus + constitution modifier. Outside of combat your wounds heal at amazing speed, but lost limbs needs a long rest to regrow and heal. To simulate the healing from outside combat you may add three times proficiency bonus + constitution modifier to your hit points at start of combat. This effect is active as long as current hit points is greater than zero and Ignition is off.

Ignition. You may choose to turn your regenerative power into flames instead. This deactivates regeneration and ignites parts of your body (or your whole body) creating a light source equal to a torch. This empowers the damage of your attacks: you gain extra fire damage to your attacks and spells equal to your proficiency bonus + constitution modifier. "Using your own body as fuel might not seem as a bad idea at first". A bonus action is used to turn this on or off. As an action you may choose to end your life, burning up yourself.

Resurrection. On death you resurrect. Your resurrection is fiery and takes a whole turn to complete. You are engulfed in flames; restoring lost limbs; healing fatal wounds; cleansing your self of poisons and disease on the spot. The intensity of the heat created by this turns you into a bonfire occupying space equal to your size. All your hit points are restored after resurrecting.

Enduring the process of death and restoration takes a toll on you and you gain a penalty of -2 to all ability checks, saving throws and attack rolls. This penalty is cumulative. The penalty is reset to 0 after finishing a long rest. Your soul can endure a maximum number of resurrections. You gain a resurrection counter when you resurrect. When this counter reaches 2, resurrection won't activate the next time you die. This counter goes down (1d3 - 1) after finishing a long rest.

Divine Vulnerability. You are vulnerable to radiant damage. Direct contact with divine/holy tools, weapons, trinkets etc... halts your resurrection and regeneration. Getting hit by radiant damage in combat makes your regeneration skip next turn.

Languages. Languages you can speak, read and write is unchanged.

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