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Prestige Classes[edit]

  • Order of the Vigilant Flame: The militant arm of the god Tyrea. Divided into three sects; the Bearers of the Flame, Wielders of the Sword, and the Guardians of the Rose.
  • River Gypsy: Members of the halfling nation who are masters of their long boats and the waterways on which they live.
  • Prestidigitator: Arcane spellcasters who are typicaly flashy and charismatic.


  • Trapped One This is a template for creatures who have been magically imprisoned.



  • Dead Lands: The eastern continent. A land destroyed by war and the depredations of a consortium of liches and their goblinoid minions. Cut off from the western continent by a slim wall and its valiant defendors.
  • The Western Continent: A collection of constantly bickering newly formed kingdoms with a tenuous alliance with the country of Hope and a scattering of demi-human societies. The south western portion of the continent is mostly unclaimed except for nomadic tribes and a few primitive societies that occupy the ruins of ancient giant-kin and goblinoid kingdoms.


  • Canyons of the Gods: The dwarven homeland. This collection of canyons, gullies, rivers, and cliffs is the ancestral homeland of the Dwarven race. Their legends claim that they were created on Moraddin's Anvil, a giant rock that bears the shape of an anvil and has Moraddin's Hammer on one side and Clanggeddin's Axe on the other.
  • Hope: This former monarchy became the last bastion of hope for the nations that once occupied the eastern continent. Now a melting pot of races and cultures, this bastion stands fast against the undead tide that threatens to spill across the Wall of Ritomus and overwhelm the western continent.


  • Rairbourne: A pleasant town on the southern coast of the country of Hope.
  • Warton: Known as 'The Wart", this industrial town is located a short distance from the Wall of Ritomus and is along the western coast. Ugly, foul smelling, and noisy, this town is the primary manufacturer of arms and armor for the war effort against the undead hordes.

Places of Interest[edit]

Axe of Clanggeddin

Legends state that this 200 foot tall statue of Clanggeddin is, in fact, the earthly form that the dwarven god takes and that the enormous axe is truly Clanggeddin's personal weapon. The doubleheaded axe is made from an enormous single piece of adamantine with the shaft crafted from the entire trunk of some giant tree. The axe is immune to damage, magic, is razor sharp along both immense edges and the head glows with an other-worldly blue light that is only visible to those with dwarf-blood. Dwarven clerics have created a massive religous center in the cliff's surrounding the statue and hold daily services. Dwarves, especially warriors, try to make at least one pilgrimage here in their life and stay to take part in the monthly ritual blooding.

The Blooding is a ritual meant to bond a dwarf more closely with the fighting spirit of Clanggeddin. Many dwarves participate in the day long ritual which culminates in slashing themselves on the razor sharp giant axe head and bathing a favorite weapon in the blood that flows from the wound. The wound closes quickly and leaves a faint scar that bears the same blue glow from the axe head. The proud bearers of this scar gain a +2 circumstance bonus to charisma based skills when dealing with a dwarf. There is also a slim 5% chance that the ritual participant gains a permanent +1 holy bonus to attack and damage when fighting enemies of an evil alignment.

Bone Wood

A wood full of undead dangers.

Wall of Ritomus

Standing any where from 10 to 40 feet tall depending on the terrain and stretching some 250 miles from Blood Bay in the North to the Crescent Sea in the south, the Wall of Ritomus is one of the greatest engineering achievements in history. Built using magic and an all volunteer force while the newly formed army fought to hold a line a scant five miles forward of the construction line, this marvel of fortitude and dedication is a testament to what the races are capable of when working together. Though the wall has been remodeled, rebuilt, and refurbished over its' fifty years of service some sections still retain the original bricks and stones.

  • Length: ~250 miles
  • Width: Generally from 20 feet to 40 feet, not including structures.
  • Height: 10 to 40 ft tall depending on local terrain, highest point on the wall is 300 feet above sea level.
  • Depth: The wall extends up to 30 feet below ground in some areas, in some cases even making connections to the underdark.

Structures: (All miles are listed with mile marker 0 starting at the castle by Blood Bay)

  • Bloody Castle: Situated at mile marker 0
  • The Citadel: Center of the castle is situated at mile marker 125
  • Crescent Castle: Situated at mile marker 250
  • Wall Keeps: Wall keeps are situated at mile markers 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 130, 145, 160, 175, 190, 205, 220, and 235.
  • Wall Towers: Wall towers are situated at mile markers 5, 10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 80, 85, 95, 100, 110, 115, 135, 140, 150, 155, 165, 170, 180, 185, 195, 200, 210, 215, 225, 230, 240, and 245.


Hope's Army

The army of Hope is a massive organization dedicated first to the defense of the country of Hope and second to the liberation of the continent from the forces of the undead and their goblinoid allies. The War Council directs the overall efforts of the Army of Hope and is comprised of the members of the ruling council.

Army of Hope
Number Unit Type # of men per unit # of units in next higher
4 Army 50,000 1
20 Legion 10,000 5
100 Cohort 2,000 5
200 Millenium 1,000 2
1,000 Company 200 5
5,000 Platoon 40 5
20,000 Squad 10 4
~60,000 Team 3-5 2-3

Numbered Armies:

1st Army: Called the 'Army of the Wall,' this army mans the Wall of Ritomus and is mainly composed of new recruits led by experienced veterans. This army provides combat experience and helps to improve the quality of the men through training and constant readiness. Typical tour of service is three years. A vast majority of troops on the wall come to appreciate their role in the defense of the western continent and continue to serve on the wall well past their initial tour of service.

2nd Army: Known as the 'Army of the Interior,' this army provides two very useful functions within the borders of Hope. The first function is acting as a police force assisting local constabularies were needed and patrolling the roads and waterways of Hope. The second function is as government farmers, the men continue their weapons training while also maintaining the vast crops needed to feed the army, most of these men are also proficient with using farm implements as deadly weapons.

3rd Army: Sailors and marines, the 3rd Army, or the 'Army of the Exterior,' is patrols the oceans and launches raids into the eastern continent to liberate hostages, supplies, and destroy enemy equipment, soldiers, and crops. A difficult life, most of these soldiers are very experienced and definitely no stranger to extreme peril.

4th Army: Referred to as the 'Special Units Army.' Each legion under this army serves a different function; arcane and divine spellcasters, engineers, quartermasters, spelunkers, and special advisors. See the individual legions description.

Order of the Vigilant Flame
Darkfire Thieves Guild
This thieves guild is actually part of a cult dedicated to the Palrethnee Acerbus. Spreading strife through acts of theft and arson throughout the known world, this 'guild' is hunted down in every nation.



This powerful demon attempted to become a Balor but failed and became a Palrethee as punishment. Since that ignominous day, Acerbus has been working to accrue enough power to once again attempt a rise in status. To that end he has enacted many plots and schemes over the centuries. One of these, the Darkfire Thieves Guild, has been particularly succesful and has turned into a planes spanning organization. The power gained from this guild is extraordinary and Acerbus is very fond of this power source.

Vile Beard

Citizens of Rairbourne[edit]

(Alphabetically by first name)

  • Alariel Figg - Owner and operator of both the Thrown Apple Tavern and the Apple Grove Brewery
  • Baless Kiernan - Owner and operator of Kiernan's Furniture and Woodworking
  • Bastally Nim - Owner and operator of the Dragonfly Inn
  • Danya Gavarum - Co-owner and operator of Dwarven Daughter's Jewelry
  • Darien Loross - Owner and operator of Darien's Fine Mounts
  • Dekk Gavarum - Operator of Gavarum Family Smithy
  • Flanagan Bog - Owner Operator of Flanagan's Mill
  • Gelda Gavarum - Co-owner and operator of Dwarven Daughter's Jewelry
  • Tassiler Phendon - Owner and operator of the Bird's Eye Bowyer
  • Vivian Aphrael - Owner and Operator of The Lovely Lady Fine Tailoring and Clothing
  • Wensad Dejemok - Owner and operator of Wensads Workshop and Alchemical Shop


This seaside outpost was expertly carved into the high cliffs along the __name__ to serve as both a secret port and a mining operation for the dwarves of the ancient kingdom of Dalthim. When the wasting disease struck, this outpost fell quickly and was abandoned and forgotten for many centuries. Recently a band of Bugbears has found the outpost and has started to use it as a base of operations.
  • Decrepit Tower
This tower can barely be seen for all the briars and plant life that has grown over it. An unusual tunnel of sorts winds its way through the enormous briar patch that surronds the tower and leads into the towers front door. This adventure is for characters of levels x-x, although a DM may beef up/tone down the encounters for other levels or more/fewer PCs.

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