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HonorBound: light and shadow[edit]

HonorBound: light and shadow is a high fantasy setting set in a post-apocalypse fantasy in which your group (consisting of any race you choose Elf, human, dwarf or etc. of any class you desire fighter, rogue, wizard, cleric or etc.) must find a way to defeat Grima. In this campaign Rogues can use bows, any class subclass is granted on first level, and you can choose any homebrew class you desire and remember there is a human cult dedicated to Grima that will attack you at every turn.

Cannon classes[edit]

One fighter, one rogue, one wizard, one cleric and a warrior/thief/mage jack of all trades.


Knights legions (main faction colors yellow, green and white), (Sub factions=Silverhand order, Lionheart order, Skycutter legion, Morgan's militia and Steel legion) and (types of heroes Warden=vanguard, conqueror=heavy, Peacekeeper=assassin and Lawbringer=hybrid)

Vikings clans (main faction colors red and black) (Sub factions=Warborn Clan, Blood Ravens clan, Snowforged clan, Ashen wolf clan and Blade clan) and (types of heroes Raider=vanguard, warlord=heavy, berserker=assassin and Valkyrie=hybrid)

Samurai Houses (main faction colors Teal and Brown), (Sub factions=Chosen house, Shadow house, Leaf house, Song house and imperial house) and (types of heroes Kensei=vanguard, Shugoki=heavy, Orochi=assassin and hobushi=hybrid

Sentinel Tribes (main faction colors Blue and orange) (Sub factions=Lavetine Tribe, Defiant tribe, Vanguard tribe, Hashashin tribe and Damascus tribe) and (types of heroes warrior, rogue, mage and cleric)

Sailarn council (The Non-humans) (Main faction colors Violet and silver)

The Grimleal (Grima's human cult) (Purple and Iron)


The land is divided into 5 continents Quil'yrie to the south west, Myrila to the south east, Volkhor to the north, Senjura to the east and Ashfolan to the west. The continents are connected to each other


Age of Fire

The Eternal titans created the world of Aysen much like the Galaxy in which Aysen is a part of. The titans also created the weave the prime source of magic and the Five continents Quil'yrie, Myrila, Volkhor, Senjura and Ashfolan are filled with titan creations. However the dragons from beyond the stars came to the planet as well. The non-humans such as the first born known as elves tall, slender, Wise, beautiful, pretty, handsome, kind, intelligent and a love for nature. The Second born the lizard-folk elegant, beautiful, and skilled warriors. The third born the dwarfs great miners and craftsman of the mountain halls. The Fourth born twins the halflings and gnomes adventurers and scientists respectively who are skilled in their professions. The 5th born twins cat-folk and Kitsunes who are both skilled in jewelry and art respectively. And the last the lion-folk who and respective fighters and knights. They ruled the continents sharing it equally and live in peace and quiet. However they were about to become part of a blood stain war known as the reckoning. In the south west of Ashfolan. The dark dragon Grima after being rejected to become the prime dragon begin a war against all of the races with cruelty, malice and his will to dominate all life. The dragon was defeated by a group of mages and sealed with in Quil'yrie.

Age of man

The race of man were little more than nothing until a event known as the dragon breach which transported the race of man to Aysen the race of men grow in numbers and military strength forming the commonwealth aka the Ultima empire which went to war with the other races in order to subjugate them. The Commonwealth is ruled by a god-king known as Talon.

Age of ruin

When the rumors about a wellspring that can turn anyone into a god the two factions of the war The non-humans and humans try to find the wellspring. The Zakarum crusaders a group knights of the commonwealth who were guiding Damien the god-king's son were about turn him into a god however the God-king's arch-mage advisor Siegfried have found a piece of Grima and implant Grima's essence into Damien which once Damien activated the wellspring triggered a resonance cascade and freed Grima who bonded his soul with Damien's turning him into a dragon and then Grima with the powers of the wellspring caused a terrible cataclysm around the world such as earthquakes, meteor strikes and volcano eruptions. The world was destroyed leaving cities in ruins, villages in flames and the races in despair. Many blamed the commonwealth for the mess with revolutions, rebellions and peaceful protests which caused the commonwealth to collapse.

Age of blood

Man split into 4 races based on the four chosen continents Myrilans of Myrila who resemble middle eastern who are led by the sentinels who valued Hope, Volkhorans of Volkhor who resemble the Norse who are led by the vikings who valued Freedom, Senjurans of Senjura who resemble Japanese people who are led by the samurais who valued survival and Ashfolans of Ashfolan who resemble Europeans who are led by the Knights who valued Order. The Non-humans recovered quickly and are doing everything they can to destroy Grima once and for all and bring peace once again.

What type of armor do humans wear[edit]

The samurai, Viking and knight wears the armors from for honor while the sentinels wear defiant armors from Rift by Trion and the Non-humans armors are like from Witcher, Warcraft, Lord of the rings, game of thrones and Warhammer.

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