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Wondrous item, unique

The Holy Corpse is a set of body parts belonging to the miraculously preserved corpse of an unnamed ancient human saint scattered across America. Upon coming into contact with a corpse part, it is absorbed into their body. It can be removed by any creature as easily as any other item, but does not count toward encumbrance. Each part of the corpse has its own unique ability in addition to the following:

Manifestation. When a creature absorbs a corpse part, they must succeed a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a success, they gain 1 level of the Stand User class. On a failure, the creature can see Stands. If the corpse part is removed, they lose this ability until they absorb another corpse part.

Heart. A map of the location of the other corpse parts appears on the creature's body.

Right Arm. The creature can replace the Manifestation saving throw with any DC 15 saving throw of their choice.

Left Arm. The creature has advantage on the Manifestation saving throw.

Right Eye. The creature can see through any weapon they throw for 1 minute, and their thrown attacks' critical range increases by 2.

Left Eye. The creature picks one effect that they are subject to. As an action, they can apply the effect to themselves for the same duration with the same restrictions with themselves being the caster.

Spine. The creature can be teleported anywhere within a 50-mile radius when the Holy Corpse deigns it fit, such as to bring it closer to the other parts or escape danger, but this happens very rarely.

Rib Cage. The creature gains proficiency, or expertise if they already had proficiency, in Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution saving throws.

Ears. The creature gains proficiency, or expertise if they already had proficiency, in Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws.

Legs. The creature gains immunity to the paralyzed, prone, and stunned conditions.

Skull. The creature gains immunity to the blinded, charmed, and frightened conditions.

Full Corpse Abilities

After acquiring every part of the Holy Corpse, a creature gains one of the following:

Ticket to Ride. The creature may manifest the complete copse in their body as a bonus action for 1 minute once per day. This can be used for longer than 1 minute, but they begin to suffocate after the 1 minute timeframe. They must attempt a DC 17 Charisma saving throw at the end of each minute they want to end the effect, successfully ending it on a success. The creature may make attacks against a creature within 30 feet of them using their Charisma modifier. On a hit, they become a valid target for one of the following, which can be done as an action or bonus action, or as a free action for 1 spirit point:

  • The creature becomes charmed until the end of her next turn. They act in the way they intend to, but miraculous coincidences position them in the way she wants.
  • Any damage the creature takes negated, and the creature takes the damage she would've, until the end of her next turn.

Love Train. The creature may tap into their combined power as a bonus action for 1 minute once per day. They can not take damage from any source not related to warping or piercing space-time such as Requiem Stands, Golden Spin, and the Hand and Cream alignments. They can be killed by damage done in time manipulation effects such as Time Stops and Time Skips due to leaving no time for misfortune to redirect, but if the damage does not reduce them to 0 hit points, it is undone. Their Stand’s attack rolls count as natural 20s if they have a Stand. They gain a flying speed equal to half their movement speed, and they can squeeze through any gap larger than 1 foot. Any damage negated by this feature gets karmically applied to another random humanoid in the same dimension as them (i.e. they will not suffer the same damage in the same manner, but they will die when they otherwise wouldn't've).

Corpse_Part_edit.PNG Jesus_Infobox_Manga.PNG
The corpse (above) and the Saint in life (below), Source [1][2]

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