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Physical Description[edit]

A human druid cares for a blinded Hobblegrunt source

Hobblegrunts are large dragons, actually considered some of the most sociable of all dragons. They have the ability to change skin color according to mood, like a chameleon. For example, they become yellow when happy and red when angry. Generally, however, they appear in shades of purple.

These dragons are bipedal, but they have two small forelimbs with long claws. They have long, but surprisingly strong, thin necks. Their heads are large, with a big jaw that has an underbite, showing their many teeth. They have a small nose horn, in the front of their heads with their eyes just behind the horn. At the back of the skulls, they have a massive fin that acts like a giant radar. They can move this fin to better perceive their environment. Down their back, they have short spikes. Their bodies are long, but their large tails help them balance whilst on land. The tail ends in a fin that helps for stabilization during flight. It has clawed wings, small arms and big legs. Its tail has frilled edges.


The dragons were discovered quickly after their arrival in the world, and easily established themselves as an intelligent dragon. They are assumed to have similar origins to essentially any other dragon.


These dragons are sociable enough that in the rare chance they are separated from others of their species, they can be easily taken in by other races.

Hobblegrunt Names[edit]

The dragons are normally named after aspects of their lives either before or after they join humans, due to this the names are typically asexual.

Hobblegrunt Traits[edit]

A bipedal, sociable dragon with beautiful color changing abilities
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Charisma score increases by 1
Age. Hobblegrunts become of age at 30 and live to 150, though in captivity when treated right they live to 300
Alignment. They are typically Neutral good but sway depending on the person caring for them
Size. You are 9 feet tall, your size is large.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet. Your base flying speed is 30 feet
Blindsight. Even when blinded, you need only your head frill to perceive your environment up to 60 ft. of you.
Ethane Expectorant (Shot Limit, 13). You can shoot streams of hot flame. On hit, the enemy must make a DC save (8 + Proficiency Bonus + Dexterity Mod). Anything in the line (20/60) takes 2d6 fire damage, or half on a successful save. Anything flammable that isn't being carried or worn is set on fire. You can use this 13 times before needing to complete a Short or Long rest. You can hold the flame in your mouth to illuminate dark areas without expending a shot of your limit.
Calming Colors. You have advantage on checks when calming creatures.
No Focus, No Problem. You don't require an arcane focus to cast spells.
Dragon Body. You are incapable of using weapons and armor unless they are made specially for you.
Saddle Up. You are capable of carrying any creature at least 1 size category smaller on your back. As such, you can equip custom-made saddles.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Draconic.

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