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Hive Sprite[edit]

Nobody ever survives an encounter with them, so there’s nobody that put a quote here.

Physical Description[edit]

Hive Sprites are a separate breed of sprites. They have a bee like appearance, and are natural magic users. They are the most territorial of all breeds of sprites. They are infamous for assaulting trespassers, shrinking them down to smaller than them, and then loose them near packs of wild beasts. Hive Sprites are truly a powerful race, and should not be messed with.


Hive sprites evolved from normal sprites a long time ago. Much of their history is unknown, but they are believed to have a role in many historical events.


Hive Sprites have created cities all over the world, small towns hidden in forests. They often set up gates imbued with magic runes, creating a transfer in sizes used to communicate with other races. In better words, the gate shrinks creatures greater than small by two sizes, and grows creatures small or smaller two sizes, allowing a tiny creature to become medium to communicate with nearby races.

Hive Sprite Names[edit]

Most names are acceptable, being a widely diverse race. So, actually, im to lazy to make some names.

Male: Whatever

Female: Whatever

Hive Sprite Traits[edit]

Hive Sprites have wide magical capabilities, but compensate with their size and strength.
Ability Score Increase. Your dexterity score increases by 3 and your strength and constitution decrease by 1. As usual, you can’t increase a ability score above 20, or decrease a ability score below 0.
Age. Hive Sprites do not live long. They reach maturity at age 4 and generally live about 10 years.
Alignment. Often Chaotic, and generally neutral, but can differ.
Size. Hive Sprites are very small and generally don’t grow over a foot. Your size is tiny.
Speed. Hive Sprites are light on their feet. Your base walking speed is 40, and you get a high jump of 10 feet.
Diminutive Size. Hive Sprites are very small, and their are some traits to to this. You can’t wield any normal weaponry, or armor. Your AC = 12 + Dex bonus. When you are hit by a an attack that deals more than half of its possible damage (for example, a monster with D6 damage die and 2 + bonus, hits for 6 damage. That would be over 4, so that applies here) forces you to make a constitution saving throw, DC 15. On a failure, you are thrown back 4 * the attacker’s strength bonus, and knocked prone. Also, your size gives you a general frailty. Your hit Die is reduced by one type (if you normally would have a D10 hit Die, you now have a D8 hit Die.)
Innate Magic. As a fey creature, you get some innate magic. At level 1, you can cast misty step, minor illusion, and enlarge/reduce once a day each. At level 3, you get 3 charges of your magic trickery ability (see below.) This increases 1 each level. You regain all charges after a rest of any kind.
Fey Ancestry. You are immune to being put to sleep by magic.
Bee Form. At 3rd level, you gain the ability to magically transform into bee form. As a bonus action, you can transform into bee form. Your size becomes diminutive, and your gear melds into your body. You gain a flying speed of 30, and you only have one attack, which is stinger, 5 + to hit, on hit, 1 bludgeoning damage and D4 poison damage. At 5th level, the damage increases to D6 poison damage, any you can use a Magic Trickerey effect when stinging. At level 10, your bee form size increases to tiny, and you get a 6+ to hit.
Magic Trickerey. When attacking a creature, you can spend charges to activate different effects from the following list. Down to size: the target must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be shrunken size levels equal to the amount of charges you used. These levels last for D4 days or until you dispel them. Polymorph: you cast polymorph on the target, requires 2 charges. Bee curse: the target must succeed on a DC 15 saving throw or begin transforming into a bee. They shrink on size level every D4 hours, and become steadily more bee like. Once they reach dimunitive, they transform permanently into a bee. They can make a saving throw before each shrinking, DC 15 Constitution, and on a success, they don’t shrink. On three successes, the ability reverses, they grow one size every D4 hours until they reach their size, when the curse ends. Requires 3 charges. Imprisonment: the target must succeed on a DC 10 Charisma saving throw or shrink down to fine. They are then trapped in a little pouch you keep with you. They can make a DC 15 strength saving throw every D6 hours, on a success, they break through the pouch. The shrunken form is doesn’t leave naturally, any restoration spell cast at level 5 or higher reverses the effect, they grow one size every hour until back to normal. Uses 5 charges.
Hive Oil. You carry around a bottle of oil called hive oil, with special abilities. You can coat any piece of gear during a short rest. During the course of the rest, the weapon shrinks down to your size. This is irreversible, and the bottle only contains enough for three uses. You can also coat another object, which will steadily shrink over 4 hours to 1/16 of its size.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Elvish, as well as speak to animals who are not currently aggressive to you.


Ability Score Increase. You gain proficiency in Persuasion, and + 1 to charisma.
Rune of a Communication. On activation, willing creatures larger than small shrink 2 sizes, or willing creatures small or smaller grow 2 sizes. The change lasts for up to one hour while your concentrating.
Animal Friendship. Animals who are of medium or smaller are always friendly to you.

Flora Master[edit]

Ability Score Increase. You gain proficiency in Nature, and + 1 to intelligence.
Magic Gatherer. Once a day, while in a forest or similar area, you can search for magical plants. You can take any amount of hours, roll on the following table once for each hour spent. D6. 1= You find a shrinking Violet and take D4 seeds. 2=You find a growth fruit. 3=You find a time flower. 4= You find a twilight chamomile. 5= You find a Corrangal Tree. 6= You find nothing.
Plant Control. Once a day, you can cause plants to bend to your will. You can cast entangle, grow plants, speak with plants, or, you make a large shelter out of vines grow from the ground.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

0′ D12″ +Con bonus D12 pounds lb. × (5 - Dex Bonus) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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