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High AC[edit]

Class Levels[edit]

  • Paladin 1-2
  • Sorcerer/Wizard 3+


Level 1

Choose Paladin for the Heavy Armor Proficiency, chain mail, and use a shield for a total of 18 AC.

Level 2

Take a second level in paladin, and choose the defense fighting style for a total of 19 AC. You should also choose the shield of faith spell for a total of 21 AC while active.

Other Levels

Apply your arcane levels, and multiclass into sorcerer or wizard, I prefer sorcerer, and be sure to pick up the shield spell.

Picking up the haste spell is also an as it can quickened by the sorcerer's metamagic skill. It is an optional substitution for shield of faith.

While adventuring, be on the lookout for stronger shields and armor. For example if your base AC is +1 from Protection, with Shield +3 (2+3=5) and a full plate +3 (18+3=21) and also adding a Ring of Protection and a Cloak of Protection you can have maximum AC. Adding now +2 from shield of faith/haste and +5 from shield spell = 36 AC !!!!

Unearth Arcana[edit]

If you can use the Unearthed Arcanas, then Eberron lets you pick warforged for an additional +1, and a defender weapon for +3 more, making to a total of 40. Another caster could hit you with the other spell for 42. Obviously, it's the answer - You're Welcome. -Jester

If your DM allows you to be a non-elf Bladesinger, here's an alternative solution:

Go warforged (they get integrated protection) and start off as a Paladin 2 with the Mariner fighting style, which gives you 21 AC with the Shield of Faith spell (we aren't using normal shields). Bladesinger Wizard 2 to add INT to AC (warforged armor doesn't count as armor, meaning the Bladesinger works with it), giving 24, assuming you started off with 16 INT. Now you can be anyone (but fighter is best) for the other 16 levels, and with at least 4 ASIs, get the Dual Wielding feat for another +1 AC, giving 25, Defensive Duelist, allowing for a +6 AC at higher levels, giving 41, and extra INT, giving 43 for the AC. If you are a fighter for the 16 levels, you get 6 ASIs, which give you the lucky feat to negate critical hits, making you impossible to hit unless someone very rarely gets a +24 modifier to their attacks. It also gives you War Caster, because, as someone might point out, you can't cast things that include Somatic components unless your hands are free of weapons. Obviously, it's the highest AC solution and the most practical one out of all of the above. The only drawback is that the DM might not allow non-elves to Bladesing - Jester 2.0

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