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Hengeyokai: Ookami[edit]


Ookami are the rarest of the hengeyokai, their species almost wiped out by disease, hunger, and the cruel advancement of humanity. In ancient times, ookami hengeyokai were the 1st to go into hiding. Retreating to the shadow, which they call the Makai, they lived in relative peace in the untamed and unspoiled wilderness of the shadows forests and mountains, hunting and foraging, passing on their culture to new generations.

To an ookami hengeyokai, the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. Their loved ones are everything to them. The single greatest virtue of the ookami is their selflessness. it should be noted however, that their selflessness is tempered by wisdom. Ookami will think things through clearly, learn everything about a situation, and act in such a way that they and their loved ones benefit the most. Also, their selflessness only extends to their loved ones, or groups they know they can trust. The average ookami won't give a rats ass about outsiders. It is extremely hard to earn an ookami's trust, but if you do, you will benefit greatly from it.

Ookami are natural warriors, prefering the traditional armamants of the samurai, or unarmed combat. Many ookami in the shadow take up the traditions of the samurai, where as ookami in the human world most often become martial artists, mastering unarmed and unarmored combat.

They awaken early, see to the affairs of their home and loved ones, then spend most of the day training, studying, exercising, and meditating. As such, ookami tend to be very fit and powerful in body, mind, and spirit. In combat, ookami can be fierce and focused, relying on discipline, or they can be wild and unpradictable, relying on instinct and natural ability. Many find a happy medium between the two extremes. In times of peace, they are usually playful, peaceful, and positive minded. They especially prefer games of shogi and go.

When dealing with their loved ones, ookami are gentle, warm, and highly considerate, treating their loved ones like priceless treasures. When dealing with those they trust, ookami are polite, courteous, respectful, and forgiving of most social misteps. When dealing with outsiders, ookami are cold, distant, uninterested, and impatient, yet polite and respectful all the same.

As they were once hunted to extinction, ookami are very much focused on survival, the aquisition of power, and freedom. Ookami NEVER surrender unless it serves their loved ones best. No ookami will accept death, slavery, or imprisonment, unless doing so best serves their loved ones. While they are devoted to samurai ideals such as honor, ookami will do whatever serves their loved ones best.

It is important to always remember, when it comes to ookami, no matter what it is, if it serves their loved ones best, they WILL do it.

Physical Description[edit]

Adult male ookami hengeyokai in their human forms stand about 6'-8' tall, and weigh 150-200 pounds. females at 5'-7' and 100-125 pounds. In their wolf forms, they are indistinguishable from normal wolves. In their dire wolf forms, they are indistinguishable from normal dire wolves. In their hybrid forms, adult males stand at 9'-10' tall, and weigh 200-300 pounds. females at 8'-9' and 150-175 pounds.

Males and females both tend to have extremely well toned and clearly defined musculatur in their human forms, appearing as extremely healthy humans. In their wolf and dire wolf forms, males tend to be larger and more muscular, where as females are slimmer and sleaker. In their hybrid forms, males receive a large increase in muscle mass and density, becoming stronger and tougher. Females on the other hand, gain only slightly more muscle, but their bodies become almost streamlined, perfect for running down even the fastest of prey and enemies.

In their human forms, ookami look like extremely healthy japanese men and women. Think Bruce Lee and you'll get the picture. Their hybrid forms, which can move on all fours or two legs with equal ability, if not speed, are covered in fur, have a set of 5, 3 inch long, razor sharp claws on each paw, a clearly lupine head with a muzzle and snout full of fangs, a long, dexterous tounge, and they retain their hairstyle when shifted into their hybrid form. In their hybrid form, ookami can wield tools and weapons as easily as in their human form due to a lifetimes worth of training in doing so. Ookami fur includes all of the standard wolf colors, as well as shades of blue, purple, green, silver, gold, bronze, and unusual mixes of all of them. Ookami have tatoo's which show on the fur when shifted, called kaddis.


Ookami tend to be rather isolationist, avoiding other races, but they have a wonderful relationship with kitsuna (fox) and inu hengeyokai, as they often mate and breed with both, and ookami are the ancestors of both as well. Ookami have a strong respect and appreciation For ryu, kuma, and tora hengeyokai, seeing them as their equals in peace and friendship, and worthy rivals in war and competition. Ookami find neko (cat) hengeyokai to be both fascinating and annoying for their devotion to individuality, and many a young ookami has become a "lone wolf" out of a desire to be more like their neko friends. Still, when the neko act the fool, ookami will punish them appropriately. Ookami respect the kame hengeyokai for their wisdom and intelligence, as well as their steadfastness and dedication. Ookami understand and respect the usagi hengeyokai, and feel bad for the mistrust the usagi (rabbit/hare) feel towards them, working hard to overcome it. Ookami simply love the fun loving tanuki (raccoon dog) hengeyokai. Ookami are weary but appreciative of hebi hengeyokai, and are thankful for their magickal assistance. Ookami acknowledge hayabusa (falcon) hengeyokai as the lords of the skies, while they acknowledge ookami as the lords of the hunt. Ookami tend to have a mutual respect with tengu (crow), but not much else as tengu are isolationists as well. Ookami see hanyo as welcome additions to the species. Ookami see humans as undefinable as a race, prefering to judge the individual, not the group when it comes to humans. Ookami pity their cursed cousins, the lycanthropes.


Ookami hengeyokai stray towards lawful alignments, and in rare cases are neutral. Very, very seldom are ookami hengeyoka chaotic.


Ookami prefer dense temperate forests and meadows as well as bountiful mountain ranges for their homes.


Can follow any religion of Rokugan, listed in the Oriental Adventures guide.


Hengeyokai speak their own language, which is common to all hengeyokai regardless of animal type.


Hengeyokai names follow human patterns in which ever lands they dwell.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -2 Wisdom. Hengeyokai tend to be flighty and weak willed. A hengeyokai's physical abilities vary widely in its animal and hybrid forms;the character's generated ability scores apply only to its human form. In hybrid form, a hengeyokai gains a +2 Dexterity. Its physical ability scores in animal form are average for its animal type.
  • Humanoid (Human, Shapechanger)
  • In human form, hengeyokai are medium sized.
  • In human form, hengeyokai base speed is 30 feet.
  • Alternate Form (Su): Hengeyokai can change shape assuming one of three possible forms. This functions like the polymorph other spell, but a hengeyokai can change form a number of times per day equal to 1 plus character level. Changing form is a full-round action that does provoke attacks of opportunity, as with the polymorph self spell.
    • A hengeyokai's animal form is a normal wolf. Equipment the hengeyokai is wearing or carrying transforms to become part of the animal form and magic items cease functioning while the hengeyokai remains in animal form. In animal form, the hengeyokai has low-light vision and the supernatural ability to communicate with other animals of its kind. This is the same as a familiar's ability to speak with animals of its type. In animal form, a hengeyokai gains a +10 bonus on disguise checks and +4 on Survival checks.
    • A hengeyokai in hybrid form retain their low-light vision and ability to communicate with animals of their type. In this form, a hengeyokai can typically wear light or medium armor without modification, but wearing heavy armor is impossible. Equipment worn or carried by a hengeyokai in human form does not transform when the hengeyokai assumes hybrid form. When a hengeyokai in animal form assumes hybrid form, her equipment returns to normal form and magic items resume functioning. They retain their +4 bonus on Survival checks.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Hengeyokai. Bonus Languages: Giant, Goblin, Nezumi, Spirit Tongue
  • Favored Class: Any.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Ookami Henge Yokai Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
13 years +0 for simple classes +3 for advanced classes +6 for complex classes
Table: Ookami Henge Yokai Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
250,000,000 years 500,000,000 years 750,000,000 years +1,000,000,000 years
  1. At middle age, +2 to Str, Dex, Con, and Wis.
  2. At old age, +4 to Str, Dex, Con, and Wis.
  3. At venerable age, +6 to Str, Dex, Con, and Wis.

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