Heart-Shaped Pillow of the Lair of Broken Hearts (3.5e Equipment)

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Heart-Shaped Pillow of the Lair of Broken Hearts: The Heart-Shaped Pillow is a pink, minor magic artifact pillow embroided with plush. It seems mundane at first, because it mostly is, but has a few special qualities. 2 times a day, the owner can use it's "love" ability. This is treated as a love-like spell.The lair is found deep within a deserted temple/labrinth in an unknown place. Many who have not loved have had their sorrows travel here when they die. Only one who loves others can gain entry to the lair. It has been retrieved by a young fey by the name of Jeremy. Whomever possesses the pillow can also get a crawl and run bonus speed. When in possession of the pillow, the wearer can crawl and run up to 1-1/2 times faster than normal. It can also be used as a regular pillow. It has been adored as a great artifact for several years. Especially by those who could control the lair.

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