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Potion, Rare

This mysterious container smells like saltwater and feels covered in congealed slime. When squeezed, it releases a glob of white cream. The container has 20 doses worth before becoming empty. Each dose causes hands to erupt from the location where it was applied. These hands last for 10 hours before withering and detaching, and crumble to dust not long after.

If the hand is used on a creature, the creature gains control over the created hand. Depending on where this was applied, this may allow the creature to wield more than their normal amount of weapons, or simply only be useful as a way of holding items. If a creature has two additional hands from this cream, they can add their proficiency bonus to athletics rolls to grapple a creature, or double it if they were already proficient.

If the hand cream is used elsewhere, the hands will instinctively writhe and grasp whatever they can, refusing to let go. They will hold torches, keep doors closed, strangle prone targets, or similar actions.

If 4 globs worth of cream are applied on terrain, it creates difficult terrain with a 5 foot radius. Any creature that ends their turn on this difficult terrain must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw with a DC of 15 or be restrained. They can use an action to break free from this restraint.

If consumed, the consumer must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 17 or be poisoned for 1 minute, as hands erupt inside their own stomach lining. Each round the poison lasts for, the consumer takes 1d6 internal slashing damage, and can retake the saving throw.

All hands created by this cream are treated as Aberrations. This magic item and hands it creates can be detected as if it were an Aberration using the spell detect evil and good or similar.


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