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A Hand Cannon primed to fire.

Hand Cannon: This +1 cylindrical weapon is a large gun barrel which fits over the arm of a warforged, covering it completely. The wearer loses use of the hand, resulting in a -2 to effective dexterity in regards to skill checks or rolls that require the use of hands. This component only operates when attached and locked in place.

A hand cannon is used to effectively channel ranged target, touch, or area spells or spell-like abilities, or ranged weapon-like spells which deal damage. The hand cannon's enhancement bonus is applied to attack and damage rolls. The damage is of the same type as the spell or effect in question (for example a +3 hand cannon and melf's acid arrow = +3 acid damage). Like a normal ranged weapon, the Hand Cannon can be further enchanted with Flaming, Shock, and other enchantments.

The hand cannon also helps the wearer hit targets by locking onto a target's energy patterns. With a move action you can assign a single target as the focus for your cannon, granting +2 to hit with your ranged attacks. This bonus lasts until the target is dropped, a new target is assigned with another move action, you lose track of your target for an full round, or your drop your lock purposefully as a free action. Some models give an electric hum and glow when they are attuned to their chosen target.

The enchantment bonus to hit and bonus from locking on apply to ranged touch attacks regardless if they deal damage or not. This item is part of the Chozo Warrior set, with the Morph Ball, Space Jump Boots, and Tactical Visor

Collection Benefits

2 Items: The cannon gains a Grapple Beam. It behaves identically to a Grappling Hook, but it uses your ranged attack roll instead of a Use Rope check. The beam is made of energy and cannot be sundered, but it can be dispelled (caster level 5th).

3 Items: When you lock on to an enemy, you maintain the lock up to a full minute before it loses track.

4 Items: 3/day you may now Empower your attacks channeled through the Hand Cannon.

Faint (DC 17) Transmutation;CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Cat's Grace; Cost 4,800 gp + 384 XP; Activation: — and Move Action; Weight: 6 lb.; Market Price: 9,600 gp

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