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Halflings, Tallwalkers[edit]

Tallwalker halflings are, like their names suggest, tall. They resemble ordinary halflings except that they stand about 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall and can weigh up to 50 pounds.

Tallwalkers are the main halflings kind in the nine kingdoms, where there are no humans. Tallwalkers are generally neutral, though they are more often good aligned then evil aligned.

Life style[edit]

Many Tallwalkers tend to be peaceful farmers watching over their fields, but in the late centuries, goblin attacks have grown more frequent, forcing them to take military actions and fortify their cities.


Tallwalkers are very social and playful. They'd rather play all day then work. There is nothing a Tallwalker likes more than a competition, especially if it's a race. They love to show off their skills in public and will sometimes do completely pointless actions just to get noticed. They love to raise mounts and race against each other on those mounts. Each citizen of Marthis owns at least one mount, and sometimes Province chiefs will own up to 200 animals, just for riding.

Pets and mounts[edit]

Those halflings raise all sort of mounts to ride in the meadow or in fierce races. They use all sort of animals like ponies, donkeys, riding dogs, horses and even sometime mountain lions! Rich halflings often purchase some incredibly rare mount at high cost, such as giant eagle, pegasus, nightmares or even dinosaurs. They do not care much about pets, cats are really the only pets that is common in Marthis.


Tallwalkers trade with elves and gnomes to the east and dwarves to the west. They get along better with gnomes than with any other races, unfortunately trades with gnomes are rare as their comunities are mostly self sufficient. They find dwarves reclusive and rude, elves self-centered and arrogant. They hate goblins with the very core of their hearts, they've been at war with them for centuries, and still they keep coming back, and every time they do innocent halflings dies.

Provincial Union of Marthis[edit]

The Tallwalkers use to be peaceful farmers without any government or military organisation, but with the arrival of goblins in the grassland of the first kingdom, they had no choice but to organise their defenses. Thus they created the Provincial Union of Marthis. The Union spread from the middle of the kingdom to its west and north-west edge, it is divided in 7 provinces, each ruled by a province chief.

The name Marthis came from the names of all the original chiefs who unified their peoples agaist the goblins: Marlene the Grimm, Arthur Leafbane, Richar Braveheart, Tendroove the Great, Hellia Woodworker, Illmozard the Mage and Sovlis Hardedge. To become a province chief, one must be born in Marthis and have served 5 years in Marthis's military. Every 5 years each provinces's elders gather and vote to choose new chiefs among the candidates.

Population and economy[edit]

The Provincial Union of Marthis's population is about 192,000 individuals, 83% of which are Halflings, 9% elves, 8% other. They export wheat, corn cheese and multiple cereals and fruits as well as mounts. There isn't a better place than in Marthis in all the nine kingdoms to find a good mount. They import wine, spices, clothing, weapons and tools.


Marthis's military is not that impressive if you look at the elves's and dwarves's, but it does have some nice features. Since every soldier has a mount they can travel very quickly to take advantage over their enemies with swiftness. They are poorly equipped though and most soldiers don't even have armor. Each province keeps a small army at hand and they join forces when the time comes for it.

Important cities and site[edit]

  • Greyleaf: This city stand as the capital of the Provincial Union of Marthis. It's the biggest city in all the seven provinces, with a population of over 24,000 individuals. Greyleaf is the military's backbone, and is also one of the first obstacle an ivasion from the south would have to face, heavely fortify, its praticly untakalbe. Its also the site where all the provinces's chiefs gather every three months to discuss the union's affairs.
  • Walldust: The most importent trade center in all of Marthis, Walldust is located in the center of the union. Its also the second largest city in Marthis after Greyleaf, with over 19, 000 inhabitant. Walldust is also the host of the most prestigious races of the entire union: The windgrand. Race track are constructed all around and throw the city, there is over 50 of them in Walldust and its surounding area.

Racial traits[edit]

Note:The Tallwalkers do not benefit from any of the Lightfoot's bonus, the below bonuses are their only bonuses.

  • +2 dexterity, -2 strength
  • Humanoid (Halflings)
  • Small: As a Small creature, Tallwalkers gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
  • Tall stature: Tallwalkers are among the tallest of the small sized race, their larger hands allow them to use medium weapons without penalties.
  • Tallwalkers halfling base land speed is 30 feet, they are fast on their legs and their speed is one of the reason they are called Tallwalkers.
  • +2 on listen, jump and ride checks
  • +2 moral bonus on saving throws against fear
  • +1 racial bonus on attack roll against goblinoids
  • Ride is always a class skills for Tallwalkers
  • Automatic language: Halfling. Bonus languages: Elven, Gnomish, Goblin and Dwarven
  • Favored class:Ranger: The people of Marthis often become rangers to scout the lands in search of goblin party that might be planning a raids
  • Level adjustment:+0



  • Fighter: halflings often become warriors to protect their lands and family from goblins raids.
  • Rogue: Although they aren't as stealthy as their Lightfoot brothers, the Tallwalkers appreciate the utility of a sneak attack, and sometime choose this class just so they may backstab some goblins.
  • Monk:Even if elves invented martial arts in the nine kingdoms, halflings chose the path of monks far more often then the elves themselves. They consider it to be a way to enlightenment.


  • Barbarian: Even in this time there are still some tribes of nomadic Tallwalkers within Marthis, and even if they don't accept the rulings of the chiefs they will still fight for their homelands.
  • Cleric:Although it's not common, a good amount of halflings will hear the calling of Omni and become Mystics, trying to find balance and enlightenment in the great spirit. They will often become elders in their old age, but seers rarely become chiefs themselves. Some will become priest of Morwel in the eastern provinces.
  • Bard: Song and music are Tallwalker's favorite hobbies after racing, but unfortunately not many are able to make a living out of it.


  • Wizard:Halflings are the less magically gifted of all races, they rarely pursuit a career in spellcasting.
  • Druid: On rare occasion Tallwalkers will become druids, feeling nature's calling, but this is rare.
  • Sorcerer: Like the other spellcasting classes this is pretty rare.

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