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Half Zombie[edit]

You were raised from the dead, but now are free from your master. Will you seek revenge against those who wronged you, or will you wander the world in search of that you could not have in life?

Racial Traits
Average Height: Average height from sub-race.
Average Weight: 100-200 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Normal, Low-light
Languages: Languages your sub-race would naturally know.
Skill Bonuses: +2 to history checks, and -2 to heal checks.
Undeath: When you are brought to 0 healing charges and you are bloodied, gain 2 healing charges.
Undying: When you fall to zero hit points, you do not fall unconscious until you fail your third death saving throw.

Take Alternate Form Half-Zombie Racial Power
You take the form of your past self.
At-Will Star.gif Shapeshift
Immediate Interrupt Personal self
Trigger: You wish to appear like your sub-race.
Prerequisite: No detected witnesses.
Target: Self
Effect: You shapeshift into a(n) (sub-race) for 3 turns.
Special: Sustain with Free Action.

The necromancer that enslaved you for all those years will pay...

Play a Half-Zombie if you want...

  • To have a long-lasting character.
  • To play as a tank for your party.
  • Have a good, pre-made background.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Fighter, Barbarian, and Paladin classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

The Half-Zombie race has fairly faded, grayish skin, and cannot be distinguished from any other, unless it is shapeshifted. However, older corpses will appear rotted and hallow when not shapeshifted. They appear similar to whatever base race your character is. They can live until their bodies are destroyed, but may become hallow and sunken. However, one defining trait is Half-Zombies eyes. Their eyes will revert to a grayish, lifeless color. They do not grow new hair, and sometimes their current hair will fall out.

Playing a Half-Zombie[edit]

Playing a Half-Zombie allows you to play a durable character who has in-depth backstory pre-made for him/her. One of the features you can use for additional exitement to the party is the fact that you can shapeshift. You could talk to your DM before the game starts, and with his permission, pretend to be a regular humanoid of your sub-race. Once the rest of the party knows you are a Half-Zombie, there is less fun in hiding the secret. Another fact with the shapeshifting ability is that you can use it to trick NCP's. They generally become distant as time goes on, as they usually have some sort of unfinished business. They may seem unintelligent, but this is more due to their gradual loss of communicative ability. They rarely stay in one place for long, wandering the world in search of those who wronged them. On the inside, many are just as intelligent as their old selves, however this too deteriorates over time. Once they finally finish what they came back for, they usually just wander, unconcerned for their own survival. Many people are unaware of the ones who surround them are actually undead. It could be anyone. The man sitting at the tavern next to you, or even... What was that? Did anyone else- AAAGHHHH!!!!!

Half-Zombie Characteristics:

Male Names: Male names from sub-race (however, adding an "UUUHNGNGN" would add character and humor to the game)

Female Names: female names from sub-race (however, adding an "UUUHNGNGN" would add character and humor to the game)

Half-Zombie Adventurers[edit]

Ashton is an elf who usually would run the shop beside the giant tree his parents had planted hundreds of years ago. One day, a clumsy neighbor of his cut the tree and it fell right on him! He was resurrected by a crazed wizard who enslaved him for what seemed like an eternity, but he knew it wasn't, as he escaped. He went to his hometown and saw his family there, and wept because he couldn't ever be like them again. Then he looked back at his body and noticed something--he was himself again! He ran up to them and greeted them, and they had a big reunion. He was, however, sent out of the village once the elders realized what he had become, because the Half-Zombies were usually used as assassins. Now Ashton wanders the roads, looking for something to take his mind off of his loss.

Korin is a dragonborn soldier who was killed during a great war between her clan and a group of neighboring elves. Unable to accept her defeat in battle, she clawed her way out of the mass grave they had put her in. She arose, but those who killed her had seemingly disappeared. She wandered for years, desiring to avenge her own death. She could never find them, and continues her search to this day. For now, she works with a group of adventurers. They have no knowledge of her affliction, and she plans to keep it that way.

Toralan is a dwarven cleric who served the Raven Queen devoutly. He was so faithful in his service that she resurrected him so that he might continue to do her bidding. While he was a faithful cleric in life, he wasn't prepared for life after death. He rebelled against his god, and now walks the world, fearing death. He knows that, while he has life beyond that belonging to a normal person, if his body is truly destroyed, he will be tormented by the Raven Queen for all of eternity.

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