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Half Fæ[edit]


These partial fairies are still mischevious and childlike, but are old enough to typically know when to be mature in a situation. Despite knowing when, however, they seem to not care whether they should or should not crack some dry humour or crude pranks.

Physical Description[edit]

These fairies look like small humans, not being taller than 5 1/2 feet. They have aura-based wings that they can hide with ease, in case they need to fly. They typically have bright coloured hair and eyes (which are, more than likely, two different colours), with strange markings on their bodies, especially around the eyes. They're typically lean, but there are some acceptions (EG: if they are half fairy, half dwarf, for instance). Very few Half-Fæ are born with horns or tails, and those who are tend to be Blood or Dark types. Half-Fæ cannot grow much facial hair unless they're Earth types, and even then, they can grow no more than a goatee. These fairies tend to keep their hair long and unkempt, with a small exception braiding parts of their hair as a tribute to their ancestors and past lives.If a baby is born with black and white markings on their bodies, and have multicoloured eyes, it's most likely that they've been taken over by a fairy hoping to live a man's life.


Most races tend to not know about Half-Fæ, but they are treated like grown children if found out. However, most newly-made parents assume their children are demonic if they are born with markings, and these poor feys are thrown out of their homes to fend for themselves.


Half-Fæ can be good, neutral or evil, but must be chaotic, otherwise, they're reincarnated as a fairy or pixie without the chance of becoming another Half-Fæ. In extreme cases, if the Fæ follows a diety, their spirit is torn from the earth, forced to possess the bodies of the dead.


Favoured lands vary based on subrace, but most Half-Fæ love grasslands or plains.


Half-Fæ tend to not care about religion, but the few who do tend to dwell in the darker arts. This is normally done for the sake of knowledge or "Because they can".


Half-Fæ speak Common, but unlike fairies, they can learn other languages, even dead or unspoken ones.


Half-Fæ are given a name at birth based on their inner spirit animal (Typically the Celtic name of the animal, EG: Wolf="Seitheach"), but then choose a common word that describes them as they go along in life. Like Gnomes, this common name is typically an adjective of themselves or something they do or bring about (EG: a Chaotic Evil Half-Fæ who wrought destruction to a land may call themselves "Ruin" or "Harbinger".

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +1 Intelligence, -1 Strength. Further Adjustments are based on specific types.
  • Half-Fæ (úir), or Earth:+2 against fire, -2 against water. Half-Fæ (tiene), or Fire +2 against earth, -2 against water. Half-Fæ (cuan), or Ocean: +2 against water, -2 against fire or earth. half-Fæ (gaoth), or Wind: +2 against water, fire, Light-2 against Earth, Blood or Dark. Half-Fæ (solas), or Light: +2 against Dark, blood, fire, -2 against water, wind and earth. Half-Fæ (dearg), or Blood: +2 against animals, beasts, -2 against humans, -1 against slashing, piercing or bleeding effects. Half-Fæ (dorcha), or Dark: +2 against low-intelligence creatures, -2 against light.
  • Small-medium size. Small gets+5 feet to speed, +2 to fly.
  • Half-Fæ base land speed is 30 feet: 35 feet flying.
  • Mischevious spirit.: Half-Fæ has the ability to possess their birth element with a mischevious spirit (EG: úir Half-Fæ can possess the ground with a spirit, dearg Half-Fæ can possess pools of blood or cause someone's blood to run cold, etc etc)
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any, as many as INT modifier allows.
  • Favored Class: Any.
  • Level Adjustment: +0

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