Half-Dragon Elf (3.5e Bloodline)

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Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st +2 on Hide Checks
2nd +2 on Hide Checks Alertness
3rd Strength +1
4th +2 on Hide Checks Alertness Resistance to Fire 5 (ex)
5th Draconic Affinity +2
6th Strength +1 +1 bonus to Natural Armor
7th +2 Spot Check
8th Alertness Resistance to Fire 5 (ex) Resistance to Cold 5 (Ex)
9th Charisma +1
10th Draconic Affinity +2 Water Breathing (Ex)
11th Draconic Affinity +4
12th Strength +1 +1 Natural Armor +1 Natural Armor
13th +2 Move Silently
14th +2 Spot Check Speak with Animals
15th Dexterity +1
16th Resistance to Fire 5 (ex) Resistance to Cold 5 (Ex) Breath Weapon (Ex)
17th Draconic Affinity +6
18th Charisma +1 True Sight out to 60 feet
19th +2 on Hide Checks
20th Draconic Affinity +2 Water Breathing (Ex) Immortality

A breath weapon is available once per encounter.

Dragon Variety Breath Weapon
Black 60-foot line of acid
Blue 60-foot line of lightning
Green 30-foot cone of corrosive (acid) gas
Red 30-foot cone of fire
White 30-foot cone of cold
Brass 60-foot line of fire
Bronze 60-foot line of lightning
Copper 60-foot line of acid
Gold 30-foot cone of fire
Silver 30-foot cone of cold

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