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"The pricks keep eating all our ores!" ` Fire Elementals

Physical Description[edit]


Their bodies are covered in a rock hard plate, ending in a sort of “crown” atop their heads. They lack true hands, however their bat like arms are dexterous enough to wield weapons, interact, and grapple, and are even able to dig quite fast. They lack a proper mace like tail, though they do still have a small stone ball like protrusion where the tailbone end two feet from the body.


Much like a potato Genesai, someone was crazy enough to create a humanoid Gravios. But it wasn’t an insane mage. It was a very stupid and likely very questionably aroused bard. No one knows which one it could have been aside from a hunting horn user, but needless to say, these abominations are now part of the world. However these monstrous races still hold much of their life as an original Gravios in their new lives. From being solitary, to residing in the lava pits of volcanoes. Not much has changed aside from their new wars with fire elementals. Generally you would never see one of these far from home. However in pure need, they sometimes can be seen interacting with travelers. Or if worse comes to worse, they could have been chased out of their homes by much stronger monster or abominations, maybe even other fire elementals.


While they stay in their tightly packed groups, sometimes out of necessity, they will venture out for assistance. But often in their groups they have animal kingdom like ruling. For example, the one with the biggest crown always has first mating rights. They always have first eating rights as well. They don't have much of a culture, but often find themselves intertwining in others well if forced to leave their homes for one reason or another.

Gurabimosu Names[edit]

As stated, they do not have a culture. So if left without interactions between other races in the world, they often will lead to naming their young after certain sounds or ores around them.

Male: Crack, Fizz, Sizzle, Rock, Iron

Female: Tak, Grumble, Ruby, Diamond

Gurabimosu Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Con score increases by 2 and your Str score increases by 1.
Age. They mature at the age of twenty and live upwards of 200 years
Alignment. All always true neutral, but they can be swayed into most any alignment.
Size. large can use the size variation chart
Speed. 25 feet walking, 20 feet burrowing, 20 feet gliding
Tremorsense. Can sense anything above or in the ground up to 50 feet
Unarmoured defense. your armor class is equal to 10 plus your strength modifier.
Fire immunity. do to your rocky outer shell you are immune to all fire
Water vulnerability. you take double damage from water attacks and you sink like a rock
Dragon force. you fire a laser of fire that deals 2d8 fire and 2d8 force damage. Requires two days of recharge to use again
Tail slam. deal 1d6 bludgeoning
Languages. Common, Draconic, Primordial
Subrace. Black Gurabimosu

Black Gurabimosu[edit]

Due to striding to close to the lava at an early, the younglings get burned and the parents did little to help. It was meant to be a learning experience, but instead made the Gurabimosu more violent. As a result of the burns, their white rock exterior is charred black. Ability Score Increase. Switch Con and Str stats, and gain an extra charge to dragon force, at the cost of a damage die in fire.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

10 feet′ ″ + 300-500 lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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