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This article is dedicated to improving the Gunslinger sublass for the artificer. Instead of giving the player weak options for the Thundercannon's actions, this will, instead, allow a character to customize their fighting style by adopting a number of gadgets to support the subclass' intended playstyle, allowing it to take a versatile approach to problems, but with a focus on combat.

IMPORTANT: The Master Smith, Arcane Magazine, and Thundercannon features work as they do normally, as the Artificer's original UA describes. However, the Thundercannon becomes a +1 weapon at level 6, +2 at level 11, and +3 at level 16.

Gunslinging Expertise[edit]

At level 1, your knowledge of firearms increase to vast amounts, helping you land attacks consistently. Your hit bonus with your Thundercannon's attack is increased by half your Intelligence modifier, rounded up. This modifier may not exceed +1 until level 5, and may not exceed +2 until level 11.


The core of any respectable inventor is, of course, resourcefulness. The Gadgets a Gunslinger can develop are a representation of that. When you reach level 3 in this class, you gain one gadget of your choice (that you can use). You gain one extra gadget at levels 5, 7, 10, 13, and 17, to a maximum of 6. Whenever you level up, you may swap out one gadget you currently have for one you don't.

Sharpshooter's Charm You speak an incantation designed to help you hit your Thundercannon shots. As a bonus action, you may gain advantage on your next attack made with the Thundercannon.

Swiftsoles These boots were especially crafted to fit you and you only. They allow for faster movement and speedy retreat or advance. You gain an extra 5 feet of movement speed while wearing the Swiftsoles. You may also cast expeditious retreat once every long rest. After you do so, the Swiftsoles lose their bonus movement speed until you make a long rest.

Hand of Sleight You craft a pair of gloves that fits only in your hands, and makes your movements agile, subtle, and silent. You are considered proficient in Sleight of hand checks, and if you already are proficient, you may double your proficiency bonus.

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