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Gun for an Arm [General][edit]

While most people with Gunstubs are clumsy with their new weaponry and equipment, you have gained greater ability and dexterity with your attachment, becoming more comfortable with it and treating it more like a part of your body.
Prerequisite: Gunstub.
Benefit: You lose the penalty to dexterity gained from having a Gunstub on your arm. The penalty to activities performed with a Sockethand also disappear and there is no longer an additional 10% arcane spell failure chance to spells cast with one. You gain proficiency with a few more Armguns, gaining the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for Armgun Gatling Guns and Armgun Assault Guns.
Normal: Characters with a Gunstub take a −2 penalty to Dexterity, perform tasks that require two hands when using a sockethand or use their Sockethand at a -4 penalty, cannot perform tasks that require two hands without a sockethand (like castign a spell with a somatic component or wielding a wepon in two hands), and cast spells with a somatic component at a 10% arcane spell failure chance with a Sockethand.

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