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Death, The Grim Reaper Depicted above brandishing the tool of his trade. The ultimate symbol of 'Reaping what you sow.'

The Grim Reaper[edit]

The Grim Reaper, also known by his actual name as Death, is the god of death itself. He comes in many shapes and forms, mostly just whatever he desires or whatever gets his job done but usually he is depicted as a Skeleton wearing a tattered black hooded robe wielding a scythe of various kinds, varying from being made of pure shadow, to bone and steel and sometimes bearing wings. Born as a triplet of Life and Destiny, he has reign over all that which is a part of his namesake. As the God of death his job is to make sure that everything dies when it's time has come and make sure that everything's time comes, as well as ferry the souls that come from his work to their next destination which typically is back to Life so that the world does not become over-saturated with life and destroy itself. He views life and souls as a precious thing not to be wasted, but does show pity on those that take their own lives because of difficult lives.

Followers of The Grim Reaper[edit]

The followers of the Grim Reaper need not pray to him, for he wishes only for the respect he deserves as the inevitability that he is, and that they do what they can to bring down any Immortal that they come across that isn't a fellow God. He has no churches, temples, or other place of worship. He blesses those that do those two things with quick and painless deaths, and curses those that defy him to brutal and excruciatingly long deaths. He frowns upon resurrecting the dead, but as long as they go back to being dead afterward eventually he will ignore it.

The Grim Army[edit]

The Grim Reaper has an organization called The Grim Army to help protect the natural balance in the planes, since he cannot be everywhere at once, by not allowing them to become over-saturated with life. This organization typically consists of Clerics, Paladins, and Reapers[1] of any race and alignment. So long as they uphold balance he views all as worth while lives.


The Grim Reaper is a True Neutral God. Not favoring toward either side as both are destined to die in the end anyway.

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