Greatest Abomination (Class Feature) (3.5e Creature)

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Greatest Abomination (Class Feature)
Size/Type: G Animal
Hit Dice: 25d8 (100 hp)
Initiative: -8
Speed: 20ft
Armor Class: 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10
Base Attack/Grapple: +25/+52
Attack: (6d12) + 15
Full Attack: 2(6d12) +15
Space/Reach: 20ft/15ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: Immune to Critical Hits
Saves: Fort 12, Ref 12, Will 12
Abilities: Str 40, Dex 10, Con 25, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 3
Challenge Rating:
Alignment: CN
Level Adjustment:
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The Greatest Abomination is to be used for the Ability "Create Greatest Abomination" from the Character Class 'Abomonist'.

All Abominations are considered level 1 for the purpose of Creation checks made by the Character Class 'Abomonist'.

The Greatest Abominations vary in appearance but are usually 32-50 feet large and weighs 25-50 tons.





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