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Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Greatcrossbow 400 gp 1d20 piercing (exploding) 24 lb. Ammunition (300/1000), Range, Heavy, Loading, Special

A massive, eight-foot long, reverse-draw crossbow, made of thick lumber arms that bend inward on the draw and snap outward on the shot. Fires bolts, specially crafted greatbolts, and arrows (with some difficulty). The sides of the weapon are tall and make for a great canvas for woodworkers and the crafter of this weapon to impart a piece of artwork upon, to dramatize the weapon's power and range, or depict something else. Where the weapon's arms branch forward is a windlass mechanism, a winch that allows for interruptible (but long) reloading. This device must be used to reload the mechanism.

This weapon is made on commission by a particularly eccentric pair of inventors. Twins, they were. Though much of their revenue came from investors seeking to fund their projects and sales, the brother decided that their income was not enough, and turned to assassin work, striking targets from the comfort of his windowsill with the original iteration of this weapon. It wasn't until years after he struck his last mark that he had begun selling these to wealthy patrons.

Prerequisites You need a Strength of 12 to fire this weapon while standing. By mounting it on an elevated platform or being prone, you may ignore this prerequisite.

Windlass - This weapon has a two full-action reload time. Feats that would reduce reload time for crossbows reduce the Actions needed by one. You cannot move during reloading. You cannot take bonus actions while reloading. You may interrupt your reloading after performing one of the necessary two reloading actions to take other actions and then continue to reload later, but you cannot fire the weapon. Alternatively, you may fire this weapon that has completed one of the two necessary reloading actions, but using a D8 for damage and with no other weapon features.

Knockback - This effect only affects creatures Large or smaller. When the attack roll for an attack from this weapon crits or beats the target AC by 8, the target is knocked back 1d4x5 feet.

Exploding - This weapon's damage die uses exploding dice. Whenever you roll the maximum number on the die, keep rolling until you stop rolling the max number, and deal the total amount as damage.

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