Great-Bow Master (5e Feat)

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Great-Bow Master

Prerequisites: Have an 18 in Str and Dex
Masters of bows are common, but non so rare as this bow master, greatbows are giant death machines that shoot the equivalent of a lance, and people carry arrows and the bow daily. You are of this rare breed, all powerful and rare, you know more of your weapon that the person who invented it.

- As a bonus action you can plant your greatbow, When you do so for the first time in combat you can shoot the bow as a free action.

- Drawing an arrow does not take you a bonus action anymore, you can do so as a free action.

- When you have a long rest, you can attune to one greatbow and one Great-Sword, this will cost 50 Gold and 50Hp of damage, the Great-Bow and Sword will merge into a +1 Bow that as a free action can turn into a +1 Great-Sword, When it is in bow form, it can magically fold down to take half a backpack worth of space, In great sword form, the Sword will Magically Collapse into the handle, Reequipping the weapons both take a bonus action.

- When using your attuned weapon get a +2 to attack rolls and Damage rolls.

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