Great-Beast Palm (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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put simply, swing, hit, calculate dmg, negate dmg, send foe flying 5ft. for each point of dmg you would have dealt, foe tumbles 1/4 distance traveled, lies prone till their turn.

Great-Beast Palm[edit]

An old beggar, dressed in dirty rags, walks up to a shady man in black leather, asking for a copper coin. The shady character draws his blade in fury at being approached by a man of such a lowly station , but the beggar simply uses his palm, and with one great, speedy blow sends the man flying into the distance.

Level: Soft 5

Type: Action

Prerequisite: N/A

Description: You hit your foe with a blow that is virtually harmless, but flings the target fairly far away. You make one attack normally, at your full base attack bonus. For each point of damage you would have dealt send your target backwards 5ft.(or 1ft/damage for Tiny or smaller) So if you hit and deal 1d8(4)+4 you would send your foe flying backwards 40ft. Your target (if hit by an obstruction) tumbles 1/4 the distance traveled and takes 1 point of damage/5 ft traveled and is prone until their next turn.

Special: This action requires a standard action and requires great focus, so you get a -4 to AC until your next turn.

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