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Gourmet Cells[edit]

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More information...

Specialized cells that will increase the users strength through eating delicious foods

As the normal creature but far more muscular or having their most prominent positive feature improved

Creating a Creature with gourmet cells[edit]

Can be acquired or inherited it can be acquired through direct gourmet cell injection, though this can cause deformities or even death (1-20 death, 21-40 deformity, 41-80 rejection with no change, 81-100 gourmet cells gained) or through eating enough creatures with gourmet cells over time, or a creature may be born with gourmet cells

Size and Type[edit]

No change to size or type

Hit Dice[edit]

Hit die increase by one step, those with a d12 hit die instead gain +1 hp per level


+10 to move speed

Armor Class[edit]

+1 natural armor bonus


Retains all attacks of the base creature including the use of manufactured weapons

Full Attack[edit]

Same as base creature

Special Attacks[edit]

Same as base creatures

Special Qualities[edit]

Gains Food regeneration, if enough food is available the creature with gourmet cells can heal and gain fast healing 1 when full which can increase based on delicious foods eaten


+8 to STR, +8 to DEX, +8 to CON, and may increase by a further +2 at once per gourmet cells level up, caused by eating delicious foods or foods compatible with the gourmet cell host


same as base creature


same as base creature


Same as base creature


Same as base creature

Challenge Rating[edit]



same as base creature


Same as base creature


by hit die, or class levels

Level Adjustment[edit]

Template's level adjustment

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