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Gloom Lacren[edit]

Gloom Lacren

CR 500

CE large giant
Init/Senses +25/Listen +15, Spot +15
AC 690, touch 400, flat-footed 690
hp 1600 ( HD)
Immune Prone, poison, polymorph
Fort/Ref/Will +680/+140/+580
Speed 60 ft (12 squares)
Melee Gloomrend: The Gloom Lacren slashes you with deadly talons, warping space inside your body, crushing organs and pulverizing bones. +(14+average party level) vs reflex. Deals 1d10+48+(player level/4) damage. Target is paralyzed and unable to move until the end of three rounds. Save ends.
Base Atk/Grp +90/+78
Abilities Str 78, Dex 60, Con 504, Int 46, Wis 40, Cha 30
Feats Alertness
Skills Balance +78
Possessions Gloomstone Shard: a glimmering obsidian wisp; consume this, and the shadow takes you from within. Trade 1d4 intelligence for the same amount of strength, + an extra 1d6+ (current strength modifier/15)
Gloomrush (at will) the creature lunges with sparkling claws leading, slashing long rents in the air itself. These soar forth faster than light can convey and sear through your body before your mind can comprehend that which transpired. The wounds lit leaves pucker and writhe, curling in on themselves and in the process dragging the flesh from your bones. +48 vs AC. Deals 104+1d20+1/2 opponent's constitution score, ignoring any artifact item enchantment or preventative measure that would preclude scaling off opponent scores. Target is knocked prone until the end of their next turn No save is permitted. Half damage on miss.
Dazzling Strike Immediate reaction if targeted by a melee attack. The Gloom Lacren rolls 1d4. If the result is 4, it becomes insubstantial, and teleports out of harm's way. The player cannot make an attack of opportunity against the Gloom Lacren.
Blinding Parry Immediate interrupt it hit by a melee attack or power. The Gloom Lacren rolls 1d10. If the result is 6,7, or 8, it takes no damage. If the result is 9 it parries the attack, ending the player's turn prematurely. If the result is 10, it reforms around the attack, ending the player's turn prematurely; it then makes an attack of opportunity, using any power it desires. This automatically hits and the player cannot take a save.
Spectral Haze Immediate reaction to beling targeted by a ranged attack or power. The Gloom Lacren rolls 1d4. If the result is 4, it takes no damage.
Haze Gate Immediate Reaction to being hit by a ranged attack or power. The Gloom Lacren rolls 1d10. If the result is 6,7, or 8 it takes no damage. If the result is 9, it teleports adjacent to the player and unleashes a stunning flare that ends their turn prematurely. The player cannot take an attack of opportunity or make a save.

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

The Gloom Lacren rushes in with Gloom Rush, dealing as much damage as possible before its turn ends. It then relies on its interrupt powers to supplement its already nigh flawless guard.


Environment: Abyss


Abyssal tyrants endowed with unstoppable power by the Celestial Architect herself, they reproduce by devouring any who stumble near, spreading the Boundless Gloom wherever they travel. They exist for a single purpose: expand the Architect's empire, and this they do by enlisting the loyal, and devouring the traitorous.


Gloom Lacren society centers around worshiping their creator, the Architect who built from nothing all that is seen felt and exists. Outsiders and kin alike are sacrificed in Her great name. Found in the deepest layers of the boundless abyss, they dwell in fortresses of bleached and rotting bone, over which immense statues of the Architect keep timeless vigil.

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