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More information...

As I turned around the corner of the dark passageway, I got chills going down my spine. I felt as if someone was following me! I quickly turned around, but there was no one there! I turned back around to see a cloaked figure with a sword. I asked it, "what do you want with me?" It replied in a scary deep voice "I want you dead!" After it said that, it removed its hood. I saw its face and felt cold!"

Creating a Gleer[edit]

This is an Acquired Template. In order to become a Gleer, one must have been a very powerful necromancer, and had done a very strong ritual before they died. If this is done properly, when the person dies, 2d6 days later, the person will rise as a Gleer.


In Castle's, Spire's, dungeons, and caves, and sometimes in abandoned churches. Gleer can move about and go anywhere, they are not forced to stay in one specific area.


Cloaked figure with a hood over its head. Its face looks like a zombies except for the fact that part of the flesh is missing to make it look partly Skelton like.


A Gleer will hide in the shadows and follow its victim. Once it gets close to the victim, it will either use its claws, attack with its sword, or it will attack with spells, or it will remove its hood and try to turn its victim to stone by making the victim look into its eyes. Some Gleer will actually not kill the person until it gets information out of the creature.


Medium size.


Half skeleton/half zombie. Intelligent undead.

Hit Dice[edit]


Armor Class[edit]

-5 AC

# of Attacks[edit]

2,1/ either claw, claw. Or by weapon.

Damage per Attack[edit]

1-4,1-4/ 1-8

Special Attacks[edit]

Spell use. Clerical Lvls 1-5, look into eyes: roll Saving throw vs petrification or get turned to stone.

Special Defenses[edit]

Magic Resistance of 50%, +1 or better weapon to hit, hide in shadows.


This creatures is turned as if it were a mummy.


In Castle's, Spire's, dungeons, caves, and sometimes abandoned churches.




Sword +2, Mace +1, 3,000gold, book with steps on how to do ritual to become a Gleer. The book only has a 10% chance for anyone to be able to read it.


Chaotic Evil


Level Adjustment[edit]

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