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More info About Gilneas

Homeland to the Gilnean humans, Gilneas has got four Key Towns: Duskhaven, a small town near the sea; Stormglen, a small village south of the Blackwald in Gilneas; Keel Harbor, the harbor in the northwest of Gilneas; and Gilneas city, capital city of Gilneas. The Gilneas storyline begins inside Gilneas city when it's in full lockdown. As a civilian you are send to Lieutenant Walden who will escort you out of the city. When you find Walden, he is dead due to allot of claw marks. When you decide to return to Prince Liam Greymane you hear fighting starting at the market. Worgen started attack and Liam orders you to help evacuate the Square and saving some supplies. Together with the other civilans you are send towards the Military Distict, where you are asked to find Darius Crowley upstairs the Stoneward Prison. Here you find them under siege of a Worgen attack and help them fight them off. Back at the military disctrict King Genn Greymane asks you to get the big guns: find Josiah Avery in his cellar and ask him for a cannon. Arriving there Josiah Avery turns into a Worgen and bites the player. Now marked with the curse the player continues. Arriving at the cathedral the Gilneans find themselves in their last stand against the Worgen. Pushed back towards the back of the cathedral, they eventually fall to the Worgen. The player changed into Worgen, but were captured thanks to a bear trap in the wilds. King Genn Greymane recognises you and tries to safe you, giving you a potion to keep your insanity in check. You are freed and they need your help defending Duskhaven against the Forsaken attack, who have arrived on ships at the waterside. You help people hiding in a basement finding their children. And eventually you kill one of Sylvanas dark rangers, named Dark Ranger Thyala. Reporting back at the basement you When feels immense shocks through the earth. Going upstairs you find that the ocean swallowed everything, part of the land is gone and the Forsaken were also taken out. Saving as much Gilneans drowning as you leave for the Greymane Manor. King Genn Greymane watches the area from here, noticing that they have to move further inland to not be consumed by the ocean. During your ride on a carriage you are attacked by ogres. You fight them off, steal a flag placing it between you and the Forsaken which causes a giant to start fighting the Forsaken. At Stormglen village you find the village taken out by spiders, you kill the spiders and their queen. You find out that every one left the village and you travel north to a abandoned mill, where Bradshaw lived, the man whoms diary you read. Here you find a priestess of the moon, named Belrysa, a night elf. After getting rid of a Forsaken spies following you, she brings you to the Blackwald. Here the night elfs are willing to give you back full control over you body. But first you'll have to find some Moonleaf. But banshees are attacking the area. They also stole the Horn of Tal'doren and a Mysterious Artifact. You need to get these back while a big fight between Worgen and Forsaken breaks out. Back at the night elf base, they start a ritual, giving all worgen back their ability to change into Human form, while keeping their Worgen form. Some Gilneans didn't like the fact that Worgen were starting to become their leaders, those men had to be taken out. You are send to kill Baron Ashbury and Lord Walden. After this you liberate a mine and start the Battle for Gilneas City. Sending all Forsaken out of the city, while even confronting Sylvanas Windrunner. After the liberation you head for keel Harbor where the Night Elf forces have arrived to fight of the Forsaken. But a battleship from the Orcs is arriving and you are send in to blow it up. After this you are brought to Darnassus.

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