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Ghost Rider[edit]

Medium celestial, chaotic good

Armor Class 24 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 300 (20d20 + Constitution modifier)
Speed 45

30 (+10) 20 (+5) 25 (+7) 14 (+2) 15 (+2) 30 (+10)

Saving Throws STR, CON (+8)
Skills Simple weapons, Martial Weapons
Damage Vulnerabilities Radient, Cold
Damage Resistances Thunder, Lightning
Damage Immunities Fire/Hell Fire, Necrotic
Condition Immunities Blinded, Charmed, Exhausted, Frightened, Poisoned, Petrified
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Ghost Rider can understand Common, Celestial, Abyssal, Primordial, Infernal. But only talk simple words/sentances in Common
Challenge 25 (75,000 XP)

Spirit Within: As Ghost rider has descended from the Spirit of Justice, He will target Evil alignment entities first, neutral second, and good third.

Hellish Flame: When Ghost Rider uses or picks up a weapon which he intends to use, it gets ignited with Hell Fire, dealing 1d12 Fire damage in addition to the base damage. (Unarmed attack are effected by this)

Darkvision: Ghost Rider can see in full color in pitch black areas up to 60ft.

Spliting Weakness: Any of Ghost Rider's weapons that he is holding can be instantly broken and shattered if he takes 40 radiant damage or more on a single hit.

Evil Eater: Ghost Rider can leave combat with an entity without taking an opportunity attack, ONLY if they leave to go attack an Evil aligned entity

4 Horsemen: Ghost Rider gets advantage on Intimidation roles

Smell Evil: Ghost Rider can track anyone in a 500ft radius if they have killed someone in the radius or are Evil alligned.

Reputation: Tiefling's, Demons, and all Undead have disadvantage on saves against intimidation against the Rider and cannot intimidate the Rider no matter what. Celestial entities that attempt to intimidate the Rider get an advantage.


Penance Stare: The Penance Stare forces its victim to experience all the pain and suffering they have caused to others. Ghost Rider needs only look into the person's eyes to initiate the stare. Good alignment entities get instantly knocked prone and get one level of exhaustion, Neutral alignment entities take 1d12 necrotic damage, and Evil alignment entities take 2d12 necrotic damage. The stare takes 1 extra round of combat to do, if ghost rider takes damage during it the entity it was staring at takes half damage.

Chain whip: Ghost rider uses his chains to slash at an enemy, reach: 30ft, +STR to hit, 1d12 slashing and 1d12 bludgeoning.

Firey grip: Ghost Rider can use this instead of an unarmered attack, reach 5ft, +DEX to hit, 1d10 bludgeoning.


The Ghost Rider can take 1 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Ghost Rider regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Hellish Steed: Ghost Rider Can Summon a Nightmare or Start out with one, This Nightmare cannot be tamed or convinced to leave his master, the Rider and the Nightmare share an unbreakable bond, and there Rider can control the Nightmare with his thoughts. If the Nightmare is killed it returns to Hell and cannot be brought back until the next day, If the Nightmare dies, the Rider will completely abolish "Spirit Within" and attack all Evil aligned entities, Neutral aligned entities, and the entity that killed his Nightmare. Good-aligned entities will be targeted if they seem to be helping anyone the Rider is after or if they attack the Rider. If the entity who killed the Nightmare is not killed and the Rider is able to escape and get the Nightmare back, if seen by the Rider, will be targeted by the Rider and the Nightmare first.


Ghost Rider is an entity anyone should be afraid of, He was once the Spirit of Justice, a heavenly angel, before he was corrupted in Hell, now he's the Spirit of Vengeance, killing all Evil in his path. He can be bargained with if there are no evil-aligned entities within your party, Otherwise, he will seek out to destroy it. Ghost Rider will not attack a Good aligned entity no matter what unless they attack him first, a Neutral aligned entity will get attacked if supporting or helping an Evil aligned entity, and Ghost Rider will without a doubt attack an evil-aligned entity. The Rider may return once destroyed if/when it finds a new host (DM's discretion)

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