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Geojogger: Appearing as small flying fortress the Geojogger is a heavily armored vehicle that bristles with weapons, with which it can engage targets on the ground or in the air.

This vehicle is more likely to be used be nations or organizations, on open battle or in sieges rather than in dungeons by adventures

The Geojogger is a military Vehicle powered by immovable rods mounted to a treadmill. a jogger runs on the track and makes it spin, the rods are inavtive till they reach the bottom half of the circte where they are activated. Mounted around this track is the vehicle's body a reinforced augmented stone structure with firing holes in the bottom sides and roof. Armament can be mounted crossbows, boiling oil, balistas, magic missile, or fireball wands, and rocks or flammable liquids to drop. Geojoggers move at the speed of the runner, usually 80ft a turn in the horizontal. The track can be tilted by 30 degrees both up down and left right, so the geojogger can only move at 1/2 speed up and down. The only limit on the high this vehicle can reach is the high at which the operators can breath.

The shape is a cube with each edge cut away to make a wall at 45 degrees to the adjacent ones.

It uses 4 rods and the total weight of the frame and cargo can not exceed 24000 pounds. The track is entirely enclosed by the frame to protect it from damage.

light armament 6 casks of oil mounted below, 2 magic missile wands, 8 crossbows 4 heavy 4 medium, one driver 4 gunners,

4 rods 24000 pounds max cost 25000 gp

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