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Major Entities[edit]

Lesser Skar[edit]



Remnant Tribes[edit]

Greater Skar[edit]

Dole Republic[edit]


Central Skar[edit]

Holy Nagarite Empire[edit]

Major Cities[edit]

General Info

Averlorn is the great capital of the Holy Nagarite Empire. It was founded as such by First Emperor Nagar in PC 657. It has been damaged, destroyed, and rebuilt several times over the years but now serves as the center of government, church, military, and economy for the Holy Empire.

Notable Buildings
  • Holy Enclave- A massive, sprawling compound that serves as the base for the Holy Knights of Averlorn
  • Castle Dolain- Large, imposing castle with many defensive fortifications that serves at the headquarters for the Empire's military. It is also known as the home of General Coeur DeVie, the legendary figure to whom the modern dominance of the empire can be largely attributed.

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