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The lands commonly referred to as Merika span the area between the gray Sea of Atlantis and the vast blue expanse of the Great Ocean. To the North lies the frozen land that only the Brunwin call home with any frequency and the lush lands to the South are held by the Cult of Suutep.

Most of the East coast is covered in ancient ruins still sick with the blight. The horrors found within are mostly speculation, but rumors say that a new power is stirring within the corpse of some of those ancient cities. Far to the west, beyond the great desert lie the Free Cities, a string of shining coastal towns bound by a loose confederacy.

Within Central Merika three major factions vie for control: the Empire of Man, the Republic, and the underground lands of the Pale.

Nations of Merika[edit]

The Empire of Man: Ruled by the Ecclesiarch and the Church of the Divine, the Imperium is a vast theocracy that spans most of North-Central Merika. The capital of the Imperium is Shining Mountain, the seat of the church, but the gilded city of Bastion is it's heart.

The Republic: The grand and corrupt Republic occupies the lands between the Great Desert and the coast South of the Imperium. New Austin is the capital of the Republic, home of the governor, and seat of the parliament.

Gor Dur'ran: The home of the Pale, Gor Dur'ran can be loosely translated to "city underneath". The Surface settlement that acts as a gateway into the Deep City lies nestled in the mountains in the Northwestern tip of the Republic. None of the surface folk know how large the Pale settlements may truly be, but some say that the tunnels may spread beneath both the Republic and the Imperium. Most outsiders only ever set foot into the surface settlement commonly referred to as "The Visitor's Annex".

The Confederacy of Free Cities: Dotting the Western Coast of Merika, the Confederacy of Free Cities is made up of a dozen or so independent, walled cities of varying size. The largest, and seat of the Confederacy, is Frisco. It is a progressive place that has become the hub of trade on Western Merika.

Lost Vegas: The only stop on the dangerous road through the great desert between the Republic and the West Coast, Lost Vegas has become a haven for merchants, criminals, gamblers, and outcasts. Any vice can be found her and any appetite fed. The city is controlled by several cartels known collectively as the "Gamblers" who manage loose control over the city by holding hostage the ancient aquifers that keep the water flowing.

Places of Interest[edit]

The Great Blight: Much of the Northeastern Coast of Merika is shunned by sane folk. Here the ruins of the old world still lay bare and exposed like bones bleaching in the sun. What little vegetation grows is twisted and alien and the mark of the blight is everywhere. Twisted monstrosities writhe in the shadows and a rippling haze can sometimes be seen hanging in the air marking areas where the barrier between is thin. Whatever caused the Great Fall hit this area the worst, and the land here is still scarred.

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