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An intelligent race of Lycan whose ancestors were cursed many generations ago, and condemned to live as eternally shape-shifting beings.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'3"-6'5"
Average Weight: 130-240
Ability Scores: +2 to one ability score of your choice, see Genetic Shuffle
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, choice of 1 other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 History
Bonus Skill: You may select any one skill to be trained in.
Genetic Shuffle: Each time you reach a new level, you must make a saving throw. If you fail the saving throw, you must roll 1d6. If you made the saving throw you have a choice to roll the d6 or not. You gain a temporary +2 to the ability score corresponding to the roll of the d6. 1: Strength. 2: Constitution. 3: Dexterity. 4: Intelligence. 5: Wisdom. 6: Charisma. If this feature were to add to the ability score with the stable racial bonus (chosen at first level) re-roll the d6 until it selects a different ability. This bonus replaces the previous bonus from this feature.
Animal Aspect: You possess an aspect of a natural animal. Each tier this aspects becomes stronger, becoming both more noticeable and more powerful. Your aspect must originally belong to some animal you have had contact with in your childhood (ie if you grew up in the desert you can't grow gills).
Animal Empathy: A Genothrope may communicate with animals that have an intelligence score of 5 or higher, and are treated as being a natural animal in addition to Human for all effects and abilities depending on origin.
Habitual Grace: You gain a +1 to all saving throws not related to your Genetic Shuffle racial feature.

Animal Aspect - Wings Genothrope Racial Power
The weak wings sprouting from your back get stronger as you do.
Move Action Personal
Effect: Fly your speed.
Special: Heroic Tier: Once per encounter.

Paragon Tier: Twice per encounter.

Epic Tier: Three times per encounter.

Animal Aspect - Legs of the Beast Genothrope Racial Power
The your legs are similar to those of a horse, antelope, or dog.
Move Action Personal
Effect: Heroic Tier: You move at your speed +2 ignoring difficult terrain.
Special: Heroic Tier: Once per encounter.

Paragon Tier: Twice per encounter.

Epic Tier: Three times per encounter.

Animal Aspect - Gills and Webbed Feet Genothrope Racial Power
You are surprisingly at home in the water, for a limited time.
Move Action Personal
Effect: Heroic Tier: For 1d4 hours you gain water breathing and can swim at your speed -1.

Paragon Tier: For 2d4 +2 hours you gain water breathing and can swim at your speed.

Epic Tier: For 3d4 +4 hours you gain water breathing and can swim at your speed +1.

Animal Aspect - Claws and Fangs Genothrope Racial Power
You posses the natural weapons of your animal brethren.
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: 1 creature
Attack: Strength or Dexterity + 2 Vs. AC
Hit: Heroic Tier: 1d6 + Strength or Dexterity modifier damage.

Paragon Tier: 2d6 + Strength or Dexterity modifier damage.

Epic Tier: 2d6 + Strength or Dexterity modifier +1d6 poison damage.

Special: This attack counts as an basic melee attack. It is done unarmed with a +3 proficiency bonus. It can be considered as being done with light blades for the purposes of class features.

Animal Aspect - Ears and Nose Genothrope Racial Power
Rabbit's ears, a dog's nose, and a bird's eyes. You posses the sensory organs of several animals to heighten your perception.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Heroic Tier: +2 Perception, Lowlight vision.

Paragon Tier: +3 Perception, Darkvision.

Epic Tier: +4 Perception, Tremorsense.

Animal Aspect - Protective Hide Genothrope Racial Power
You possess scales, fur, feathers, or some other natural hide instead of typical skin.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Heroic Tier: You gain resist 5 to acid, cold, fire, or poison until the end of the encounter.

Paragon Tier: You gain resist 10 to force, lightning, or thunder until the end of the encounter.

Epic Tier: You gain resist 15 to psychic, radiant, or necrotic until the end of the encounter.

Special: You can use this power with an energy type listed for a lower tier with your tier's resistance value.

With entropic genetics, the Genothrope is always changing and adapting to both its environment and itself. They primarily live in small hidden villages in the forests, mountains, or other hard to reach places. A Genothrope village always has a library, which is the hub of the town.

Play a Genothrope if you want...

  • To be a strangely unique and constantly changing character.
  • To be knowledgeable in the ways of nature.
  • To be a member of a race that variably favors the wizard and the fighter but could fit virtually any class.

Physical Qualities[edit]

A Genothrope looks like a normal human when they are born, the curse begins to slowly overtake their bodies and they soon begin to morph every week, taking on animalistic features time after time. Such features could include a beak, wings, or talons from a bird; the teeth, eyes, and fur of a wolf; or even the scales, claws, and horns of a dragon. The average life of a Genothrope is the same as a human's, but they remain childlike in nature and youthful in appearance until the last remaining decade of their lives, where they become haggard and weak after a lifetime of shifting.

Playing a Genothrope[edit]

Genothropes are solemn and realistic-thinking beings who are nearly as in tune with nature as Elves because they actually are a part of nature most of the time. While each Genothrope will vary in personality from rude to kind, they have been known to accidentally slip into the personality commonly held by the animal which they have characteristics of at the time. A rabbit-like Genothrope getting scared off by a loud noise isn't even that far from commonplace. Nor is a snake-like Genothrope hissing at someone for getting too close to them.

Genothropes are wary of others who use magic unless well-versed in it, and will typically shy away from Warlocks due to their fear of being cursed like their previously human ancestors had been oh so long ago. Those who do master magic will typically hold themselves in high regard, but not flaunt their power. Genothropes are rarely proud beings.

Genothrope Characteristics: Animalistic, adaptable, dynamic, intelligent, self-sufficient, solemn, pragmatic.

Male Names: Eyre, Falco, Fritt, Gill, Golgi, Hank, Orvent, Silth, Wolfrum

Female Names: Amina, Hilret, Juniper, Karna, Lynn, Minnow, Nuclia, Wiltha

Genothrope Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Genothrope adventurers are described below.

Nausicaa is a Genothropian Shaman. Her stable ability is Wisdom and has taken powers that have secondary effects that rely on a combination of Constitution, Dexterity, and Intelligence. She grew up in a sea shore community, her people live above the water but travel down into the kelp forest each day to hunt. Her spirit animal is a shark with glowing blue eyes. She calls him Sebastian. One day while patrolling the parameter of her village she encounters a group of adventurers. To prevent them from finding her village she tricks them into going around it in search of some healing herbs that will aid them on their travels. While they are distracted she runs to inform their chief. He instructs Nausicaa to go with them to learn about the lands outside the village and keep the adventurers from returning. She is to return in 10 years. Conflicted about her instructions, Nausicaa meets the adventures near the herbs (after taking secret shortcuts). They are pleased to have a healer in the party and welcome her aid. It will be some time before they notice the slight scaly sheen to her skin and narrow slits in her neck.

Golgi is a Genothropian Wizard. His people live high in the mountains dedicating their entire lives to the study of nature, magic, and their affliction. He has very sharp eyes and can see in the semidarkness. With a consistently high intelligence his other abilities fluctuate to provide temporary proficiencies as different kinds of mages. He grew bored of the libraries by age 45 and went out in search of more knowledge. This search still drives him today at 65. His beard is down to his feet.

Falco is a Chaos Sorcerer who has embraced the entropic qualities of his nature. He races about the continent with no real purpose but to find excitement. With a very short attention span, his small wings twitch when he becomes bored. His friends recognize this and occupy him with something lest he set something on fire.

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