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Same as base race

Physical Description[edit]

Same as base race


same as base race


Same as base race.


Same As Base race


Gene-Mod knows what ever language the base race knows

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Stats mod is same as base race just drop the negative stats.
  • Humanoid: Gene-Mods are just like their base race but with each transformation the modifications become more apparent.
  • Medium: As a medium creature Gene-Mod gains no bonuses due to size
  • Hit Dice for class is changed to 1d10
  • Natural Armor +2
  • Fast Healing: Equal to con mod, as a move action you can repair limbs, causes fatigue for 1d3 rounds, 1/lvl a day
  • Saiyans Power (Ex): This character gains the skill Saiyans Power and cannot add skill points to this skill other than with this ability's effect. This skill does not gain any benefits from its ability modifier. If the character reaches zero or lower health during an encounter and survives they add 1 rank to this skill after the encounter ends. Once during the encounter if the player reaches zero or lower health and rises above zero health in the same encounter they gain 1 rank in this skill immediately and 1 rank in this skill after the encounter ends. These conditions do not stack. Saiyans increase their attack roll or damage roll by 1 for every two points in this skill. If a player has 10 points in their Saiyans are a Warrior Race skill they can take the following actions: reset this skill's rank and miscellaneous modifier to zero, train for 8 hours, and increase a single ability score by 1. If a character gains a rank in this skill but already has their maximum ranks add the point to the miscellaneous modifier of this skill.
  • When you acquire the class features Transformation use the list of the race that is your base:
  • When you acquire the class feature Full Power use the listed power of the race that is your base:

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