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Pre-Man(History 1)[edit]


Three Dragons were the beginning, they were in constant battle, during this time they created "bases", the material plane, the Celestial plane, and the underworld plane. Vocomontis, Caelumno, and Flammaos respectively. The war raged on and each created elemental planes to gain power, Vocomontis created the Earth, Nature, and Lightning planes. Caelumno created the Water, Air, and Light planes. Flammaos created the Dark and Fire planes, each gained the power of the planes they controlled. Some time after the creation of the planes Flammaos took the Lightning plane, controlling it's power.

Age of Dragons[edit]

After Millenia's of battling the three Dragons tired, they created lesser Dragons to fight in their stead, each living on their master's plane and doing battle against the enemy's. Vocomontis retired to Mt.Initium, the world's largest mountain, Caelumno retired to preside over her precious plane, Flammaos was imprisoned deep in the underworld. During this age the Dragons shaped reality. The Dragons on the material plane shped the earth, creating mountains, forests, deserts, oceans, glaciers, valleys, savannas, ect. In the Celestial plane the Dragons created Law and Order. In the Underworld the Dragons perfected torture and pain. After time new creatures began to emerge from the matirial plane

The Age of Myths[edit]

During this time Dragons of the Material plane created creatures to guard their lands. In the mountains Golems, Phoenix's, Giants, Orcs and early Goblins sprang forth. In the lower areas Unicorns, Pegasuses, and that manner were created. In the oceans Leviathans and sea monster were summoned. These creatures created the common animals of today.


Vocomontis, Caelumno, and Flammos got bored for a time and molded sentient creatures. Vocomontis created Humans, Dwarfs, Ents and Centaurs . Caelumno created the Elves as her prize, a single great race. Flammaos, as evil tends to do, overdid it. He created witches, Fey, modern Goblins, undead, and many many more. Each took Dragon disciples to serve them.

The Age of Man (History 2)[edit]

Two Kingdoms and Three Empires[edit]

Man evolved and built, eventually forming strong governments and ideals.

Two Kingdoms[edit]

In the Eastern world two kingdoms arose, one of Elves and the other of man. The two kingdoms lived in harmony until the Elves seemed to transform, this cause war and strife.

Legend of the Witch Elves

About three-thousand years ago there was an Elven kingdom,and their king, kind and just, was the master of manipulating light. The king had a son and, to his dismay, he had non of the king's power to manipulate light. Three years later, the king had a daughter who, seemed from birth, to posses this power. Envious of his sister the prince tried to assassinate her in the dead of night. The young girl stopped her brother and he was banished. The girl grew and became a beautiful and powerful princess. As time passed she grew bored and wished to see the world, at the king's permission, she left. The king didn't hear from her for three when a massager reported she was married to a human. Angry the king sought his son, he searched for four months before he found him. In his exile the son found a group of other Elves exiled from his kingdom. With them he had begun to study dark magic, this caused his blond hair to turn black, his skin to turn deathly, pale white, his eyes turned green, and claws and fangs began to develop. The king still made his offer, if the prince killed the princess he would become the rightful heir. He searched for nearly a year before finding her. He killed his sister but, the father and son escaped.

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