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Being a world of high technology and magic, the craftspeople on the Island of Ilyon have many things that one would normally find in more modern setting. The equipment available to the public is mostly the same as any other 3.5 setting. But those who have more wealth, such as adventurers, are able to purchase things from revolvers to chainsaws, Hazlbur (gasoline) or cogwork variations of everday items for their own purposes. These items cost drastically more than they normally would if they were in a modern setting becuase of their increased power over conventional weapons. Note: In order to weild revolvers, or any other firearm, one must take exotic weapon proficeincy, and weapon proficeincy (firearms). The same thing goes for chainsaws, or any other modern-type weapon, just replace (firearms) with the desired weapon.

Ilyon Weapons
Weapons that aren't in a normal 3.5e Setting.

  • Firearms
  • Hazlbur
  • Other

Ilyon Grafts
Grafts that aren't normally in a 3.5e Setting.

  • Draylian Grafts

Ilyon Gear
Gear that isn't found in a 3.5e Setting.

Vehicles and Mounts[edit]

The founding of Hazlbur as a liquid that burns nicely, and the everpresent cogwork, springs, and gears make for a diverse amount of new vehicles. The vélmenni template can make mounts, and other creatures, into mechanical beings that can traverse more various terrain than their flesh and blood counterparts.

Magic Items[edit]

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