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Wondrous Item (Gauntlet), legendary (requires attunment)

Stories tell of a woman running away from an oppressive empire and retreating into the frozen wastelands. All seemed lost, until the gods took pity on her. They gifted her with abilities so that instead of fearing the cold, she could control it. She returned home and freed her people from their oppressive empire. But over the years, her heart turned cruel and arrogant. She would turn into the very ruler she had defeated years prior, she was an evil ice queen. The god's saw what she was doing with her power and were disgusted. As a punishment, they made the rest of her body as cold as her heart. They took her powers and forged them into a gauntlet, so that someone new may come along and use them for good. But her soul still tainted her abilities, cursing anyone who uses them. Over the years, more gauntlets were created by the cold hearted as weapons of destruction.The Gauntlet of Frozen Soul is an iron gauntlet with gold and white trimmings and a large white gem at the center. Whenever its abilities are used, the gem and the engravings will emit a faint glow.

The Gauntlet grants the wearer various abilities. These abilities are:

  • Resistance to cold damage
  • Ice Walk: The user can move across and climb icy surfaces without needing to make an ability check. Additionally, difficult terrain composed of ice or snow doesn't cost it extra moment.
  • All weapon attacks deal an extra 2d6 cold damage
  • The user can innately cast the following spells (spell save DC (8 + Prof. Bonus + Char. Modifier), + (Prof. Bonus + Char. Modifier) to hit with spell attacks), requiring no material or verbal components:
- At Will - Ray of Frost
- 3/Day - Cone of Cold
- 1/Day - Wall of Ice  

A Frozen Heart.After 1d6 days of attunement, the user will begin to suffer some changes caused by the gauntlet. The user will become attached to the gauntlet, refusing to take it of or let others touch it. They will also slowly lose any empathy or sympathy for others, acting cold and uncaring to those around them. The users skin will turn pale white and feel freezing cold to the touch. Their hair and irises will turn white as snow. Also, some parts of their skin will develop frost. These transformations take about 1d6 days. At this point, the only way to remove the curse is through casting Remove Spell at 5th-level or higher.

Once the 1d6 days are up, the gauntlet will completely freeze over the users heart. In an instant, the users skin will freeze over and their body will turn to ice. A wave of freezing cold are will blast out from their position. Any creatures and or objects in a 30ft radius of the user will be instantly frozen in ice and take 3d6 cold damage. Frozen targets will be incapacitated until they are thawed out. The user is unable to be damage and coming into contact with the user will deal 1d10 damage to the target. The user will never thaw out, and will be frozen in time, for eternity.

The only part of the user that won't freeze is the gauntlet, which will still retain its magical properties. The only way to revive the user is through a wish spell.

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