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Gauntlet of Defense: A Gauntlet of Defense bestows an enhancement bonus on a shield, and possibly some magic quality as well, similar to the way a Gauntlet of Attack bestows magic on a held weapon. There are some minor differences, in that a character may benefit from only a single Gauntlet of Defense. Although a Gauntlet of Defense does not interfere with fighting two-handed, a Gauntlet of Defense's benefits are gained only with a shield. Class abilities or feats that grant a shield bonus to armor class are never affected by a Gauntlet of Defense. Furthermore, for a shield to be affected, it must be held in the same hand as the Gauntlet of Defense. If the shield is released (such as for a Animated shield, it loses any benefit from the Gauntlet of Defense. Similarly, shield effects that are not held (such as the Shield spell), do not benefit from the Gauntlet of Defense.

When a Gauntlet of Defense is used with a magic shield, the benefits overlap (they do not stack). Special qualities may stack if the qualities do not overlap or otherwise cancel each other out.

Most Gauntlets of Defense are left-handed, intended for use with a warrior's off-hand. As with all gauntlets, a left-handed gauntlet cannot be worn on the right hand.

A Gauntlet of Defense costs as much as adding the same enhancement bonus and quality (if any) to a shield, plus the cost of a masterwork gauntlet (325 GP). The maximum effective bonus (enhancement + shield qualities) of a Gauntlet of Defense cannot exceed one-half the caster level of the creator.

Cultures creating magic gauntlets tend to favor offense over defense, and so Gauntlets of Defense are correspondingly less common than other sorts of gauntlets.

Strong transmutation;CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; Blade Barrier or Wall of Force, Forge Gauntlet (alternately, Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Rod); Cost 350 gp + price of imbued enhancement and qualities.

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