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Gauntlet of Attack: A Gauntlet of Attack bestows an enhancement bonus on a hand-held weapon. If the weapon is a double weapon, the Gauntlet of Attack bestows its bonus only on a single side of the weapon, chosen by the gauntlet’s wearer. If used with an already-magic weapon, the gauntlet’s benefits (the enhancement bonus granted and any special weapon qualities bestowed) overlap with the weapons; the benefits never stack. Some combinations might actually cancel out. For example, a gauntlet that grants a +1 bonus and the Flaming weapon quality used in conjunction with a +1 Frost weapon would have neither quality. At the dungeon master’s option, such a combination might be equivalent only to a masterwork weapon, with the enhancement bonuses canceling out as well.

A Gauntlet of Attack grants its benefit to the weapon held, so it matters whether it is worn on the primary or off hand. A character fighting with two weapons (or a double weapon) can benefit from wearing a Gauntlet of Attack on each hand. The Gauntlet of Attack on the primary hand always affects the head used as the primary weapon, and the Gauntlet of Attack on the off-hand always affects the head used as the secondary weapon.

A Gauntlet of Attack discovered randomly is right-handed 90% of the time, the remainder being left-handed. Please refer to Forge Gauntlet for more information about gauntlet chirality.

A Gauntlet of Attack costs as much as adding the same enhancement bonus and quality (if any) to a weapon, The maximum effective bonus (enhancement + weapon qualities) of a Gauntlet of Attack cannot exceed one-half the caster level of the creator.

Design Notes

This is more a recipe for a type of magic item than a magic item itself; this is deliberate. Although this item type is intended to work with an alternate magic item creation feat (Forge Gauntlet), in a game without that feat, an alternative is suggested above.

To randomly create a Gauntlet of Attack, follow the procedures for randomly generating a magic weapon. The author suggests that Gauntlets of Attack do not have special purposes or special purpose powers generated randomly.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; Greater Magic Weapon, and Forge Gauntlet or Craft Magic Arms and Armor, and Craft Rod.; Cost 350 gp + price of imbued enhancement and qualities.

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