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There is a legend preserved by those who study the countless stars in the firmament: the existence of a sword forged with the same matter from which the galaxy is made. This sword is known by many names, but the most famous - and feared - of all is Galaxia. Nobody knows exactly its origin, nor the ones responsible for its creation. Nevertheless, its users are also famous: from epic mortal heroes to celestials and minor deities, there were many who claimed to have wielded Galaxia, also known as the Soul of the Stars.

The exact form of Galaxia is also a mystery. Information from the most preserved tale about this sword says that it has a long and broad blade, made of a unknown white crystal that emanates a continual glow and consists of an extremely light and hard material at the same time. Its format is of a five-pointed star, which blade is the longest and broadest of all. Galaxia┬┤s crossguard is formed by the four remaining points, two on each of its sides. It is also said that Galaxia's hilt is a touchable beam of light that adapts itself to the wielder's hand. More precisely, the whole dimensions of this sword appears to change accordingly to the size of its wielder.

In game terms, Galaxia is an axiomatic brilliant energy ghost touch holy keen greatsword of lawful power, which grants an epic bonus in both attack and damage rolls equal to half its wielder level. This sword has the size of a greatsword, but thanks to its lightweight, Galaxia is wielded as if it were a longsword with respect to weight and ease to use. The size of this sword is changeable and it always turns into the same size category of its wielder. Despite being a brilliant energy weapon, Galaxia can harm undeads, constructs and objects normally.

The unique nature of the crystal from which Galaxia is made allows it to bypass easily the damage reduction of creatures that can be overcome by any other special materials (such as adamantine, alchemical silver and cold iron). Thanks to its own hardness and extremely keen blade, Galaxia has a mighty ability to bypass hardness when sundering objects and attacking weapons, ignoring hardness less than 40.

Its wielder can fly at will (as the fly spell) and teleport (as the teleport, great spell) a number of times per day equal to half his level. This sword is also under the continuous effect of a light spell (that cannot be dissipated) and allows its user to cast the following spells: daylight (at will), scorching ray (a number of times per day equal to half its wielder level), sunburst (2/day) and meteor swarm (1/day).

Galaxia enables its wielder to survive in a condition of full vacuum, but only that one from cosmical environments, outside the atmosphere of a planet - a place without air nor pressure, under extremely low temperatures. Finally, this sword grants to its wielder a +4 epic bonus on all his ability scores (except for Charisma, which bonus is +8) and all saving throws. It also grants cold resistance 30, fire resistance 30 and a +8 epic bonus on its wielder AC.

The Soul of the Stars is not a manufactured weapon. Its true power surpasses anything ever crafted by the hands of men or any other mortal races. That is the reason why Galaxia is priceless and there is no known way to produce it. It is said that the sword itself is the one which chooses its user. On the other hand, the chosen one must be an individual of a strong heart, absolutely devoted to protect the supreme order of the Universe and also a lover of the stars. In fact, only a Good or a Lawful Neutral epic character can wield Galaxia, and its potential wielder must also have at least 13 ranks in a Knowledge skill related to the stars.

Galaxia cannot be destroyed nor separated from its user. Its hardness value and hit points are only symbolic: if this sword is destroyed by any means (or its user is disarmed), it returns to the hand of its user on the beginning of the following round. Galaxia cannot be wielded by anyone except its chosen user. When it is not being used, this sword turns into a diminutive shining star and floats around its user. The Soul of the Stars is considered a perfect weapon amongst peoples of many inhabited worlds. The legend says that Galaxia only appears when an incommensurable evil is close: the forces of entropy and chaos threatening the very existence of the Universe.

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