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Fusion Warlock[edit]

Becoming a Fusion Warlock[edit]

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The path of the Fusion Warlock is short but requires much preparation and is not for everyone but it unlocks power the epic warlock requires to shake and shape the world around themselves, either for the greater good or greater evil

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any Neutral.
Base Attack Bonus: +8.
Race: Any.
Skills: Knowledge (The Planes) 20 ranks, Spellcraft 20 ranks.
Feats: Dark Speech, Words of Creation, Any metamagic spell-like ability feat.
Spellcasting: Ability to cast 9th level spells.
Patron: Any or None.
Special: Must have undergone 3 months of training by an epic Warlock (level 20+) to reach the 3rd and final level (For details on how to find an epic warlock look at the first part of the Annihilation Novas description), have the ability to cast at least two different types of eldritch blasts such as Spirit and Hellfire.
Table: The Fusion Warlock

Hit Die: d4

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Caster level increase
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +0 +0 Arcane Field, Fused Eldritch Blast +3d6, Neutral Paradox, Unstable Experimentation +1 Invoking class level
2nd +2 +0 +0 +0 Eldritch Nova, Expansive Metamagic, Fused Eldritch Blast +6d6 +1 Invoking class level
3rd +3 +1 +1 +1 Annihilation Nova, Critical Application,Enslaving Speech, Fused Eldritch Blast +9d6 +1 Invoking class level

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level)
Concentration, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana) (Religion) (The Planes) (Language), Spellcraft, Speak Language.

Class Features[edit]

Level 1

Arcane Field (Sp): Your advanced mastery of the innate arcane energy floating around you, mixed with a little research and shaping, has given you a new way to protect yourself. As a standard action, you can now create a field of energy that acts exactly like the spell Shield with all the positives and negatives of it. The shield can be dismissed as swift action and provides 4 + Charisma modifier bonus to your AC. It also blocks force spells and abilities such as magic missile just as the spell does.

Fusion Eldritch Blast (Sp): The first fruits of your labor have taught you how to fuse together the various elements of your eldritch blast into one powerful blast. You now combine all the various types of damage you would do and apply them all simultaneously, but the damage is not doubled and the effects do not stack. For example, if you had a 10d6 basic Eldritch Blast and have the ability to convert that into both Spirit Blast and Hellfire Blast, you can now cast them both in a fused blast. Effectively damaging an enemy with both blasts simultaneously, so if the target has resistance to Hellfire it would still deal full damage to it with the blast, using the effect the creature has no resistance to. You still succumb to all negative effects of your blast such as the Con damage from Hellfire Blast. In addition, you now deal +3d6 bonus damage per level of Fusion Warlock as you better understand how to combine the properties of your various blast invocations.

Neutral Paradox (Sp): Individuals who use Dark Speech or Words of Creation are exceedingly rare, and an individual who speaks both is even more so. This is not just a coincidence. Your understanding of both languages has also reviled great danger in speaking both in tandem as the very nature of the words as "pure" evil and good respectively causes great harm to the individual far beyond the normal repercussions of such actions. The combination in an eldritch blast along with others such as combining Spirit and Hellfire leads the very fabric of the universe to bend slightly upon each attempt. Through careful calculations, you have come to the conclusion that if you carefully combine them you can minimize this bending to your advantage, such as how a creature immune to Hellfire can be damaged by a Hellfire/Spirit Fusion Blast. This requires careful application and includes blow-back if done incorrectly. Each time you attempt a Fusion ability, roll a DC 30 Spellcraft check. Upon passing the check, you roll a d6 and take one point of temporary ability damage to the corresponding number you roll. 1-Str, 2-Dex, 3-Con, 4-Int, 5-Wis, 6-Cha. If the check is failed, your attempt to fuse the Blasts backfires and the universe bends and contorts, creating a reality rift, pulling you into the void (Or Dungeon Master rolls a percentile check to determine this location, possible locations are up to DM discretion). As you enter the rift you take the Eldritch Blast damage directly instead of your target.

Unstable Experimentation (Sp): As mentioned above in Neutral Paradox, the work you are conducting is very dangerous. For some reason physical advancement during the levels of this class always evades you. Upon leveling in the class, roll your health twice and subtract the second from the first, then add that to your health total gained for the level + Con modifier. Example: The first d4 is a 2, the second d4 is a 4, resulting in -2. So you would add your Con bonus this level towards your HP which is +2 in this case so you gain 0 health. Lastly, as you have come to the realization that you could not possibly be every alignment at once, you have figured out a way to sacrifice your known Invocations to regain 1 ability for every two Invocations lost. This allows you to copy class based abilities you have lost by violating alignment-based restrictions. Ex: Not having a Good alignment for Enlightened Spirit this does not work for returning abilities from this class.

Level 2

Eldritch Nova (Sp): Through countless hours of study, applications, calculations, and experimentation, you have done it. As a full round action, you can attack as using an Eldritch Nova, except doing so you double the effective range and can “charge” the blast as an additional full round action gaining a +15 to hit with a blast that deals triple damage and dismantles mundane materials in its area. You can only charge once per day, and choosing to maximize a blast this way costs 4 charges of your Metamagic augmentation feat. All other Metamagic augmentations cost 2 charges.

Expansive Metamagic (Sp):You can now use your Metamagic augmentations an additional number of times equal to your Charisma modifier. For example, if you have an 18 Charisma you can use Maximize Spell-like ability 7 times per day. Base 3 charges + 4 charisma modifier. You must still posses the feat to perform the augmentation.

Level 3

Annihilation Nova (Sp):Once per day, you can call upon the most devastating attack known to all Warlocks. Only one warlock per century is capable of using this most powerful of Eldritch Blasts, and many never learn more of it then the legends scattered thougout Warlock literature . It has been passed down from master to apprentice for millennia, even if one cannot use it, the knowledge has be preserved in case one can master it’s awesome might. However, it is only passed down from training, and never has the process been recorded. A searching Warlock can discover an Epic level Fusion Warlock who might be capable of such acts with a weeks worth of research in a renown library and a DC 40 Knowledge Arcana skill check. Annihilation Nova is a multi-full round action attack that must be imbued with both of the two spoken languages, Words of Creation and Dark Speech. It begins, and grows as such, the warlock raises his arms to the sky and begins chanting the words of both languages in tandem while focusing all their arcane energy upwards building a ball which starts at a 5 feet radius and grows by 5 feet every round. It increases to 10 feet per round after 4 rounds of charging. The ball deals increasing damage starting at your normal nova damage, and increasing by 10 dice and one dice level (d8-->d10-->d12-->2d8-->3d6-->4d6 max) every round (so if it starts at 20d6-->30d8-->40d10-->50d12-->120d6-->210d6-->260d6). Ex: at 2d6 you take 60*2 and add d6 and at 3d6 you take 70*3 and add d6 to it once again and at 4d6 the max you take the amount of “base dice” in this case its 80 and *4 and at the next round it would be 90*4 and so on until its “thrown”. Once the ball is thrown any target anything that comes within half its radius must make a will save equal to the warlock’s level + rounds the attack was charging + warlocks charisma modifier or be awe struck by the shear might of arcane energy being hurled at them, also any DC 30 Knowledge arcana will reveal exactly what this is and anyone who knows must make the same will save or be in disbelief of it. Causing them to disregard and continue on with their normal day to day life. Targets awed cannot make an action until they are hit by the Super Nova, it is destroyed, or disappears other than free actions or swift actions to save their lives however if they ever see such an event again they are forever traumatized and will only flee the sight in the future. Targets that approach the warlock “charging” the Super nova must make the same will check (Approaching is within 25 feet). Those who pass the check once are forever immune to this save from future attacks of the Annihilation nova. The Dark aspect of the Annihilation nova causes those consumed are hurdled into a random layer of the abyss, and trapped there forever to be tortured by demons all hit by the blast go to the same place and act as if under a geas to remain in that layer permanently, also good aligned characters take double damage. The creation side causes targets that are evil to be dealt double damaged and disintegrated on death as a disintegrate spell. Neutral targets take normal damage and must make a DC 55 Fort save or be blinded. After 5 rounds of charging all evil targets with 15 or less hit dice die instantly. Annihilation Nova bypasses all damage reduction, immunity, or resistance of any kind. All damage by annihilation Nova’s must be done with an online dice generator (for speed sake) you can only do one Annihilation Nova per 1d12 Months. After using Annihilation Nova you are exhausted and your Con and Str ability scores are reduced to 5 each this ability damage can only be removed by two weeks of full rest.

Critical True Name (Sp): As you looked deeper into the possible combinations you wondered how creatures whom you know their True Name would react to your fusion blasts. The answer, not well. Any creature you have began a true name research on can now be critically hit from your Fusion blasts due to your beinging to understand the origins and weaknesses of it and your exceedingly precise ability to manipulate your Eldritch blasts. You critically hit on a Natural 20 and deal x2 damage this cannot be increased in anyway but if you know a creatures true name you can treat your first attack on that individual as a natural 20 to hit and maximized spell like ability in damage consumes a half charge you can opt out if you want but you do not get the critical. If you choose to use this ability it replaces all other actions you could use on that individual by using its true name. A truly stunning realization, you can do what no other warlock can do. crit on eldritch blasts, now get out there, Research and Destroy is what R&D means now.

Enslaving Speech (Sp): As you have come to a realize with the true name aspect of words of creation you can use the words you speak for more then the what youve previously read using the true power of manipulating arcane fields and dark speech. You can now use the effects of dread but changing the first effective radius for none evil creatures from HD 1-4 to HD 1-15 all creatures failing the will save (Fiendish codex 1 Pg 85) are shaken for 1d10 rounds and flee from the sight of the speaker and now all creatures HD 15+ cower in fear of you for 1d10 rounds. On the other side evil creatures of HD 11+ now are automatically friendly and you receive a +6 bonus to all charisma based checks with them. Lastly you can now Enslave swarms of any kind with an Int score 4 lower then your own (for example if you have 14 Int, you can enslave a 10 or lower), enslaved swarms are completely under your control because you have established yourself as the hive mind if you choose you can create a telepathic link between you and the hive as per the normal path in the PHB you can also issue verbal commands but only in Dark Speech.

Ex-Fusion Warlocks[edit]

Anyone foolish enough to walk this path are forever terrified of the implication of what they have learned within. If your alignment changes you cannot access any powers until your alignment has returned to neutral.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Fusion Warlock[edit]




Fusion Warlock in the World[edit]

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Fusion Warlock Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in can research to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 .
16 .
21 .
26 .

Fusion Warlock in the Game[edit]


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