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This is an Arcane Tradition for Wizards

Ancient wizards in distant lands were not limited in what magic they chose to learn. You study their ways, and have learned how to weave magic in ways that let you use any spell from any class

Universal Spellbook

When you chose this tradition at level 2, your spellbook becomes incredibly versatile. You may transcribe spells from any class into it, and they become wizard spells for you. The time and money for these spells has the same requirements as adding any other wizard spell, being dependent on level.

Limitless lore

When you take this tradition at level 2, and again levels 6, 10, and, 14, you learn the secrets to other classes of spells. Choose a cantrip from any class, as well as two spells of which you have spell slots for. These spells and cantrip can come from any combination of classes. These replace the two you would normally learn as a result of having gained a level.

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