Four Primordial Beasts (3.5e Deity)

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The original four beings who are said to have spun the treads of the original chaos together in order to give form to existence itself at the most base level. Legend has it that they in turn were shaped from the powers of The First One.

The Pantheon Members[edit]

The Pantheon is made of the four beings who shaped existence in it's most primordial form each one covers a specialty area


The Lord of Creation and Destruction many confuse his role with that of gods of life and death, However his is the act of bringing things into existence and erasing them from existence. He is said to have been the first to suggest the weaving of existence from the chaos. Of the four he is the one who interacts with the mortal realm the most.


The Lord of Time and Space. It is said that his heart beats in perfect synchronicity with the flow of time and his breaths match the expansion of space. Is said to have shown the others how to give shape to existence.

The Destiny Weaver[edit]

The Lord of Fate and Chance. Not much is known about them nor are many tales told as few have ever met him and those that have all became his chosen. However it is said that when existence was made that he was the one who spun the threads and showed how that they might stay together through the addition of chance and fate.

The Reverse[edit]

The Lord of Nothingness, Master of the Void and King of the Reverse World. It is said that he exists on the reverse side of existence balancing all things out. It is said that once existence was made that he showed the others to allow it to maintain a singular form and to stop it from regressing to the original chaos. He is the least seen on the mortal realm as he lives in the reverse world.

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